When I was younger, “purpose” was just a word with no heavy meaning. As I age, the word becomes more and more difficult to subjectively define. This journal was about searching for it, and my search involved just living life as it is. Trying stuff and finding out what that word will eventually mean for me. I am not young, yet I am not in a hurry. It feels scary sometimes because I feel lost, but, yeah, in the meantime, I just enjoy what’s in front of me. Luckily, I am enjoying the process, and I am optimistic that I will eventually embrace my purpose!

This entry was just to share about Hidden Brain’s new episode entitled “You 2.0: Cultivating Your Purpose” (https://hiddenbrain.org/podcast/cultivating-your-purpose/) It felt comforting to hear that even very successful people go through the wilderness trying to find it. Also, as they have mentioned in their conversation, purpose isn’t supposed to be found. It is supposed to be cultivated from within. I was also pleased to hear that my way of “finding” or possibly “cultivating” it is somehow scientifically acceptable. 😉

According to the episode, there are three pathways to purpose:

1. Proactive pathway: Purpose may come gradually as we pursue a hobby or a passion. It may gain momentum and eventually become our big P. (maybe my method)

2.  Reactive pathway: It may come in response to major life events that may lead us to change or reinvent ourselves

3. Social Learning: Observe someone else who have purpose.

But, my question is, does purpose have to be very specific? Is the constant desire to make the world a better place considered a purpose? Whilst all the ways and methods to constantly achieve bits and pieces (of making a world a better place) considered our goals? O well, just a thought.

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Victoria Lockdown 5.0

Despite how optimistic I am with this pandemic; I cannot help but to get frustrated when we go through a lockdown again. The idea sends chills to my spine and a burst of hot air in my head. When will this ever end?

First world problem it may be. I have enough here. I have everything I need and more, but I am tired of it. I am tired of the restrictions. I miss my family back home. This is the longest I haven’t seen them since I became an overseas worker. I am agitated and angry, but the saddest thing is, this anger cannot be directed to anyone. This is no one’s fault.

With the government’s tourism subsidy, we were able to book a few domestic flights at discounted prices. But with restrictions seemingly doing a ping-pong from one state to the other, I am losing hope that we could travel any time soon again. I am going crazy!  I want to cry but there are no tears dropping! I want to scream but I had to swallow my voice back! There is nothing we can do! NOTHING! =(

Anyone else feeling the same way?

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Second Annivesary in Melbourne CBD

8-11 July 2021

Time is flying so quickly; We are now two years married. Everything felt like yesterday. Anyway, on the day of our anniversary, we decided just to celebrate by dining in at our wedding reception place. M, the guy who helped us organise our wedding, was still working there, and he served us with complimentary dessert and coffee, after knowing that we were there for our anniversary. We also had the same cake as our wedding day. Nothing extravagant, really. We then watched a movie which was ok. 

Last year, we also wanted to do the same, but because of the pandemic, our wedding reception cancelled our booking. Luckily though, the pandemic didn’t stop us from having the same cake. Hehe

Coming back to this year, on the weekend, to continue with our anniversary celebration, we booked a room with river view at Crowne Hotel, and explored the city for the next two days. Melbourne CBD is definitely happening. With all its quaint lanes, busy streets, pretty buildings, and uhhh the state library. It is the oldest public library in Australia, and among the first free ones in the world, but it didn’t look old at all. It was immaculate. It was awesome! I had been to Melbourne so many times before, but I never had the chance to enter the library until that day. It was so beautiful.

To warm Melbourne’s very cold nights, and yeah, our last night was particularly chilly, CBD also have the Crown Gas Brigade which we also enjoyed. It was spectacular both from near the eight towers and from afar! Apparently, this attraction is the world’s largest fireballs at night?

Next time we have the time, Melbourne CBD’s museums and parks would be on our list.

Melbourne CBD

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Gold Coast, Australia

9-12 May 2021

We just spontaneously booked this flight after finding out that it is still on sale (50%) as part of the Australian government’s initiative to stimulate domestic tourism again whilst there are not many Covid-19 cases here. We worked so hard for the past uncountable months because anyway, we couldn’t go anywhere for holidays. We worked mostly seven days a week. Now that we can go somewhere, we decided, work can wait, and we can take a break. We deserve it.

So, travelling here was our first flight in 15 months. I was very thrilled. Tullamarine airport was busy, which was unexpected. It felt like pre-Covid. The only reminder that we’re still in Covid period was everyone was required to wear a mask while in the airport and onboard.  We departed smoothly. On our descent, the birds-eye view of the endless sand and ocean was just breath-taking! I’ve never seen such a straight long beach in my life!

As this holiday was planned to rest and relax, we didn’t really plan much activities. We just booked an accommodation with a nice view of the ocean, and near the centre where everything we might need and crave are close by.  I would have extra energy to do walks and see waterfalls, but I have to think of my dear hubby too. Married life is full of compromises. This time, I would have to because I could also use a little chill time.

On our first day, we just chilled at a nearby restaurant to watch T’s  AFL, then we went home. On our second day, we went for a swim in our hotel pool, then we took Uber to Burleigh Beach. I’ve never seen so much model-like fit people, mostly women, in my life until we walked along that beach. T, as you could imagine, was very happy, and he kept on saying “Good work,  baby” (on ‘choosing this location to go for a walk). We then had dinner in a Thai restaurant….and yes, we are still together.

On our third day, we didn’t have much activities too. We woke up early to view the sunrise right in front of  the beach, we went for a 2-hr massage, went to view sunset by a river, and caught up with T’s friend at night. We also hired a car that we used to look around on our last day after we’ve checked out.

On our last day, we just drove around because the weather was not as friendly as the past  few days. It was pouring hard, and it made it difficult for us to enjoy the place more. Our flight was at night, and gladly it went uneventful.

Back to hard work the next day.

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Juice Fasting (again)

17-23 April 2021

I keep on forgetting how difficult it is, until I am doing it again. Just like a marathon, it is indeed more of a mental challenge than physical.

I promised my hubby we would do a juice fast 4x this year. He would pick the dates. Juice fasting makes him feel better. I could see. It is pretty obvious he’s having less spasms during and after we juice fast. While I keep on doing it because I am curious, challenged, and ultimately, to support the hubby.

Aside from the expected weight loss (this time, 54.1-51.7 kg), weakness and waking up in the middle of the night, I do not know exactly what’s happening inside me. I’ve researched juice fasting, and most of the articles are anecdotal, and would always just say, “there is currently no published research supporting the safety or effectiveness of juice fasts”. I am just wondering, if many believe of juice fasting’s effectiveness, why couldn’t I find scientific papers about it, or at least, a paper about what does juice fasting do to a healthy person’s body? Can someone point me to one? If there are none, will government agencies, institutions or independent companies sponsor it? I will be very willing to participate. =) I am just super curious.

Let me know.

and oh,

We are actually loving our Kuvings EVO820 that we want to share our referral link with you – https://www.kuvings.com.au/ref/25/ or you may add our unique coupon code TIMPIA at check out to avail 5% discount. Thank you!

Kuvings Australia

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Rainy Days at Wilsons Promontory and our scenic route home

21-23 Mar 2021

We were supposed to go to Wilsons Prom last weekend when it was all sunny, but our plans changed. Instead, we drove this weekend. Initially, we were supposed to walk a few trails within the promontory but the weather prevented us from doing so, unfortunately. On the first day, the wind was strong and there were occasional drizzles. The second day was worse. It just rained the whole day. So instead of going for walks, we just drove to the nearby lookouts where we just had to walk a little. It was still nice despite the wind was intimidating. Hopefully, next time, we could visit on a sunny day. Wilsons Promontory remains my favourite destination near Melbourne.

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My 10-Days Juice Fast Experience

19-28 Feb 2021

This year, I promised T I would juice fast with him more regularly. I initially suggested 3 days every month.  Since we were not able to start it in January due to our busy work commitments, we just decided to do it quarterly for 10days each go. The longest I did it was 7-days, and that was already tough for me. Now, 10days would be a challenge. I convinced myself that “It’s just like running long distance, you would feel better after it”…..only it would last 10days.

On day 1, I already lost 2kg, and that kept me motivated. From 56.2kg on day 1 to 51.2kg on day 10. I didn’t stop my workouts, working, and I tried to perform as per normal. As expected, I felt weaker than usual, slower in running and less flexible when doing yoga. On the first few days, my cravings were so bad, but as the days go by, it became lesser. There was also a side effect that I didn’t have before. I wasn’t sleeping well. I kept on waking up in the middle of the night, and I had a hard time sleeping back. That possibly contributed to my extended feeling of weakness.

Many years ago, I had a tooth extraction which wasn’t done properly, and it caused numbness and inability to taste on half of my tongue. Weirdly, I thought I was feeling something there during the last few days of juice fasting. I was curious on what a longer fasting would do to it, but I was also too hungry to extend my juice fast. Haha I could still feel a little bit on that side now, 2 days post fasting…but I can’t really say for sure.

Certainly, I will do it again. I want to support T, especially because I could feel and see that his spasms were less during, and after a juice fast. I am starting to believe the effectiveness of it. I also kind of happy losing a little bit of weight, and having my long-lost abdominal muscle expose itself for a bit. Haha

Anyway, we used our new juicer Kuvings EVO820. It made my life a lot easier because unlike with our old juicer, now, I didn’t need to slice most of the fruits. It’s juice yield is also much better. I just love it.

Why do we juice fast?

and oh,

We are actually loving our Kuvings EVO820 that we want to share our referral link with you – https://www.kuvings.com.au/ref/25/ or you may add our unique coupon code TIMPIA at check out to avail 5% discount. Thank you!

Kuvings Australia

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Overnight at Phillip Island, Victoria Australia

3-4 February 2021

We decided to enjoy more of summer before it ends. We didn’t really do much as this getaway was supposed to be for relaxation purposes mostly. We just watched the sunset on our first day and just stayed at Smith’s Beach under the shade of our brand-new tent for the rest of the second day. Still fun. =)

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A day at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

9 Jan 2021

I think we had the feeling that our vacation days were not enough therefore, we decided to take another day off. I have already been to Phillip Island many years ago, just to witness the Penguin Parade one winter. T hadn’t been so, we decided just to have look for a day. It was a little over one hour away from our suburb, so it wasn’t too tiring for him to drive.

I couldn’t even remember the exact year when I went there, or I was with, but I do remember the seats, the weather, the penguins, and the feeling. Going there during summer was a completely different experience. I didn’t even know there were so many sides and each side has a different character. Some sides were swimmable, some just for us to view, some were secluded, some were crowded, some areas you could surf. There were different forms of water conditions for everyone’s varying water activity needs.  We were just there to view and watch, yet those were good enough for us to  enjoy especially ,because yesterday’s weather was rather perfect as well.

We decided we would go back and spend more time, swim and most probably stay there over night. I could just imagine watching the sunset from there. =)

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Holiday Road Trip

(Dec 27 2020 – Jan 3 2021)

Melbourne-Adelaide-Mildura-Melbourne and those towns in between

Adelaide (Dec 27-Jan 1)

We were initially planning for a road trip to Sydney but of course, our dear friend COVID-19 got in the way again. We had to change our plans and visit South Australia instead. I’ve never been to Adelaide and T didn’t mind going back. I also, didn’t want to take airplanes yet as I feel that its still not very safe considering the number of cases rising again.

Anyway, T drove the whole time as I couldn’t. Our drive to Adelaide wasn’t very eventful and T would usually say, the whole drive there was boring. To me, there is excitement everywhere, especially if they’re new to me. I thought the painted silos and the old buildings along the way were interesting.

We arrived a little bit late so, we just went out for tea and headed to our accommodation. Our first full day was spent climbing Mt. Lofty. This activity definitely put a huge smile on my face but sadness on T’s face. Though we drove up to the summit, I decided to descend to see the waterfalls and climb back up again. T almost reached the bottom with me, but he decided to stop and wait for me to ascend again and we walked together up to the summit again.We then, went to the Glenelg, beach side of Adelaide and relaxed there. We just had coffee and cake, drove a bit more, had tea at the happening Hindley Street.

 The next day, as T’s body was aching, we just drove around admiring Adelaide’s churches, as it is tagged as the “City of Churches”. St. Peter’s Cathedral is such a beautiful work of art as well as the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. We went in, prayed a while and experience the moment as I haven’t been inside a church in a while now. We also visited the Central Market and had brunch there. We also squeezed some time to watch T’s crush, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 84 (Script is a thumbs down).

The next day, we travelled by the beach and had a short swim in Noarlunga Beach. It was beautiful. It looked warm, but nah, it was still cold for me. We then had tea at Big Shed and I finally found a beer that I liked and could drink. We then rushed back up again to Mt. Lofty for sunset. We successfully managed to view it.

Our last day, New Year’s Eve, we went for massage, finally managed to attend a mass at St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral. We had dinner at Rundley Street, another happening street, and stayed there til the countdown. We drove around watching drunk children enjoying their New Year’s eve celebrations and went back home.

Overall, I really felt that Adelaide is a city of beautiful buildings and architecture. I certainly enjoyed photographing them. I like the atmosphere of the city as it was just very chill and relaxed. Its beaches were also enjoyable. I loved it.

Mildura (Jan 1-3)

T kept on saying there’s not much to see in Mildura. But nah, they’ve got the serene Murray River there. We drove around it on our first night and had tea at the city centre. The next day, there was a thunderstorm. We just drove to Red Cliff and had a look at their red cliffs and Big Lizzie, the historical tractor. We also managed to have brunch under a tree along the Murray River. I had been asking T to do that with me, and finally, we were able to do it in Mildura. We spent a good 2hours relaxing there. We then headed to Ranfurly Lake because a little search placed its name as one of the best locations to watch sunset. We then, had tea and that’s about it.

The next day, we drove back home. We Googled about the Pink Lake along the way and we couldn’t find much information about it. We asked the locals and they were as clueless as we were. T wasn’t keen to go anymore, but I was still very optimistic that the experience would be great. After a few minutes of begging, I managed to convince him. Yipee! It was the first time for me to see a Pink Lake.

We also drove past Bendigo. I have heard about the city but never really had any impression about it. I got a shock to see how beautiful the city was. We walked around and had tea there. Next time, we would see and explore more of it.

The sun was setting as we drove home and that show became the finale of our short holiday. Back to work next week.

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