Five-day Juice Fast 2020

And yes, we managed to do it again.  We started at the same day as last year. My goal is just to keep my promise to Tim, that we will do it once a year and to somehow lose a bit of weight. We only used green and red apples, carrots, beetroot, lemons, a little bit of strawberries this year. Well, it was tough (for me) because I had to do the juicing most of the time as well as because I am always hungry.

On my second day, that bitter taste in my mouth was back and I felt weak. It improved a little bit on day 3. I indeed lost about 2kg on day 5. There was also a little bit of effect on my leg rash which was unexpected. Could be placebo? I am not sure, but it looked better on Day 5.

Anyway, I promised Tim that next year, we would do a monthly 2-3days juice fast and we would ensure that we will include Kichidi on our diets at least once a week.

I learned about the Kichidi when I took my 200-hour Yoga Instructor Course back in Singapore. We would eat this after our Kriyas or cleansing as it is basic and very gentle to our tummies plus there are other benefits too.

Ingredients are:

Rice- Carbohydrates

Mung Dhal – Protein

Salt – flavour and electrolytes

Turmeric – Antibacterial, antiseptic and good for immune system

Ghee – Nourishes the intestines

Cumin Seeds-Good for digestion

Water– Hydration

Just boil them together.

This is a very simple meal to prepare and could be very nutritious too even when we are not doing Kriya.

Just a reminder though: I am not a nutritionist or a health guru. So, ensure to check with your doctors before doing alterations in your current diet.

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Last semester is over and life isn’t

I can’t believe it has been 1.5 years since I moved to Australia. It was a bold move considering I was living a comfortable life in Singapore. I quit being an allied health professional to study business. Now the course is over. I still am unsure on what to do with my life. Maybe I am thinking and analyzing too much? Maybe I am rushing the process? Maybe I should start trusting it. Maybe…..

For now, I am going to re-start by waking up early and sleeping earlier than before too. Waking up with small pieces of purpose in my head therefore, I’ve got something to look forward to completing every day. Like this entry…. Anyone on the same boat or had been on the same boat? Share or advice please. =)

Cape Nelson Lighthouse, 2 Nov 2020
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Miss Plus Australia

Please visit for your clothing needs. 🙂 Miss Plus can ship anywhere, not just in Australia. Thank you in advance!




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Covid-19 : Fun?Frustration?Fear?

This virus originated from China late last year. It spread all over the world and now, everyone’s scared and worried about health, both our own and our loved ones. Lockdown, social distancing, frequent hand hygiene were the usual national responses from different countries. With all these limitations, we all cannot go anywhere, we cannot do much, how do we cope?

Luckily, we have digital media nowadays.  It is easy to find something to do. We have Netflix, Facebook, Tiktok, which is slowly getting more popular over this Covid-19 period. On Facebook, I could observe people dancing, acting and singing with the help of this app. I also noticed people becoming more domesticated as everyone seems to be cooking and baking then posting which I kind of liked the idea as I am seeing plenty of inspiration for meals to cook after browsing on Facebook. I am also seeing so many photos of empty grocery shelves, some were making jokes about posting their own house plan stating that they’re making an itinerary to tour their own houses. Some are posting about front liners and thanking them which, to be honest, they truly deserve every single gratitude they are getting.

It is not only fear that’s arising. Hatred became very apparent as well. Hate about China, hate about other races, hate about each country’s political solutions and actions, hate about people who are hoarding. It seems that, aside from crowded hospitals and deaths, hatred became an indirect by-product of the virus itself.

It’s sad that people are becoming more discriminating racially than ever. We are all fighting the same enemy. We should fight this invisible enemy together by staying apart. Without mutual respect and understanding, it makes things harder. Distance between people is enough to say and make people feel that we actually care. Hate makes it harder for us to embrace each other again after this virus is over.

You are lucky if you have your family with you and that you know you can help prevent them from getting sick. Some do not have their families with them. They just have to pray and hope that their elderly parents won’t catch it. We are stressed and frustrated with what is happening, but we all are suffering and struggling because of this. Let’s help each other get through this more smoothly. It’ll be easier that way.

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Papa’s birthday

1-11 Feb 2020

We flew by Scoot as we were on budget and because we wanted to go stop over Singapore. I saw my dad from far away waiting for us at the arrival waiting area in Manila. His look has changed since the last time I saw him. It pinched my heart if you know what I mean.

We just went to have a Filipino meal in one restaurant and then had 1-hour massages. T wanted to have as much massage as possible while in the PH because it is cheaper. The next day was my dad’s birthday. We met with my sister in Tagaytay to have a buffet breakfast. It was a nice feeling to dine together again. We then went to Caleruega to attend a mass. It was my parents’ first time to go there while I have been there a couple of times. We used to do retreats there when we were in school. After plenty of photo ops, we went to my relatives’ home to celebrate the day with them as well. It was the first time T met a relative of ours. The next day, I had two migration documents to settle. We just had coffee at Manila Bay. 84357139_175477400352055_5163945858378498048_n

Our three days in Subic began. Papa drove for about 5hours. We reached Subic exhausted, so we just went for massage and dinner to call it a night. The next day, sadly, papa was not able to come with us as his knee was sore from driving for too long with air condition. I wasn’t used to that. Papa had always been enthusiastic when it comes to going to places. I felt sad but hey, we still went on with our day anyway. We walked by the bay and these men started talking to me about island hopping. I have read a lot about the island near Zambales but not much about Olongapo. He explained about Sampaloc island (1hr away), Mayanga Island (15mins away), SIlanguin Cove (2hrs away), Snake Island and Grande Island. He said their boat rent is P1k per 1hour and can go for a Sampaloc island for the whole day at P4k. Of course, I asked for a discount. They didn’t give me much but still, P3.5k was ok considering we had a white person with us.

Off we went snorkeling in between Grande Island and Sampaloc Island. We haven’t even swum for 5mins when a patrol boat came near us and told us that we weren’t allowed to snorkel there and that we could be fined P5k for it. The corals there were sort of dead and I didn’t see any fish at all. In my head how can you not allow swimming but allow people to kill the corals? Apparently, they said, it depends on the “gifts” offered. Disappointed, he headed back to the boat and decided to just travel to Mayanga island. Our only plan was to go for a day at Sampaloc but because of this, we had to turn back and spend a few hours at Mayanga. The water there was crystal clear though it wasn’t as still so, it was hard to snorkel. There were fishes in some parts. It was a small island with only 2 or cottages. After only a few hours we decided to head back. I thought they promised we would also go to Snake Island but we didn’t so we paid for the price of the whole day and actually just had a boat time of 4hours which was disappointing. We went home, rested and went for a walk at the boardwalk with papa.


Mayanga Island water

I researched about Silanguin Cove. Yep, it’s super nice in photos. There were two possible ways of going there, one is by driving 45mins to a town, then taking the boat for another hour and boat costs P2k going there or from the same boatmen the day before at P4k (from P5.5k) for 2hrs in the boat but no driving. We chose the latter so everyone can just chill.

It was indeed a long boat ride especially the waves were not very friendly. The cove was not entirely visible from the main passage. It was nicely hidden inside a group of hills which served as a gate to a private beach. We snorkeled in there and unlike the Sampaloc waters, Silanguin Cove’s corals and wishes were so alive. It was so beautiful. Water was calm and there were not many people. That time, we almost owned the whole place.  Cottage rental was P800 and the entrance was P150 each person but the caretaker said we can pay P1k all in. We spent hours there until the sunset and truly enjoyed it. It was worth it. Heading back was dark and rough, therefore, I felt guilty and gave them extra P1k.


Silanguin Cove water

These boatpeople also have a sideline of cooking for visitors. My dad loves things like that so I gave in. He said it was P1k for a huge fish and 1kg of pork and P200 for cooking. I gave him P2k thinking that that would include cooking but on the day, the boat people were not there and the cook asked us to pay extra P300. Food by the bay is always yummy to me no matter what the taste is but it was not worth P2.3k. We went home after that.


  1. Talk to several boat companies before actually heading there. I did not as I generally did not plan anything.
  2. Make sure to get your “baon” before heading to the bay or terminal.
  3. Make sure to discuss your itinerary in detail and that if it is legal to go there or not.

I was generally happy about the trip except for the feeling that I was a little ripped off in my own country.

We didn’t do much the next day. I just went for Dental cleaning and I hated the “White House” way of saying the price. Cleaning was said to be P800 but its case by case basis. Once you’re lured inside, they would check your teeth and tell you that the basic cleaning was P1.5k. Almost double despite I knew my teeth were not so bad as I go for cleaning every 6months. Anyway, this script of “case by case” was annoying to my ears. Why can’t they just give at range so it’s not shocking to hear once inside?

The next day, we went to meet my sissy for a hot-pot lunch and shooting. I couldn’t make myself do shooting as it was loud and scary. This was our last day in the PH. It was sad of course.

This Wuhan virus couldn’t stop us. We stopped in Singapore for 21hrs, therefore, we visited the Jewel, collected a document and met a few friends. I miss both my 1st and 2nd home now that I am returning to my 3rd home.




Every time I’d go home, I could see my parents changing physically. It breaks my heart. It feels like time is really slowly taking them away from me whilst I want to keep on holding on to them….

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Day Trip at Wilson’s Prom

Since I could not get enough of Wilson’s Prom, I begged my hubby to take me there again. This time around to check out the Big Drift and my fave Squeaky beach again. The last time we were at Wil Prom, we were not able to walk the Big Drift due to time constraints. We went back to have a look at it.

Big Drift was an easy walk up. It got tough when we reached the sandy part of the walk. As we know, ascending the sand would always be one step up, two steps slide-down. We managed to summit it. We were the only people there, which was good. Until we decided to descend. We lost the trail we used to come up. I have read about it before and never thought it would happen to us, but it did. Haha We walked around for about 15 to 20 minutes to find which part of the sandy surface to start descending.

Squeaky beach remained beautiful yet too cold to swim in. We also drove and explored small beaches which I forgot the names of. We will definitely return at Wil Prom as there are still so many natural beauties to explore.

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Holidays in Queensland, Australia

24 Dec 2019 to 8 Jan 2020

Happy New Year! We decided to fly to Townsville because T’s mum and brother live here. We traveled a little bit as we went to Port Douglas for 3 days and Airlie Beach for a day. Both were beautiful though the latter is vaster than the former. We also walked around the Cairns’ Esplanade for a bit.

View of Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach

It was nice to explore further but to be honest, we were traveling on a budget. We just enjoyed what we could afford, and, in our case, we could afford food and coffee. All those islands hopping, jetski-ing, snorkeling were just too ex for us at the moment. Anyway, we were just content, and all these activities can wait.

This trip’s main aim is to just be with the family, and we were able to achieve that. I am happy.

On a separate note, I plan to have my own income-generating activity this year. I am hoping to completely change my career but if it is impossible, I would probably just accept the fact that I cannot change (yet). That would be disappointing, but I can wait


Happy New Year!


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My 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, I didn’t go for much traveling last year but I’ve gone through so many things. I quit my 13year job, moved to another country, started schooling, my fiancé got sick, I got married, we went for a mini-travel to Yarra Valley and Tasmania.

It was a colourful year. I experienced both happy and traumatic events. So, to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2019, myself and my hubby went to Queensland for 2weeks.

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Wilson’s Promontory Weekend

14-15 Dec 2019

We drove to Foster at about 1030am, checked in at about 2pm, then we drove for about 20minutes to Agnes Falls. It was a short walk from the Customer Service car park. We then drove for about an hour to Tarra-Bulga National Park. It was a good place to do short walks. I particularly liked the suspension bridge there. We then headed back to Foster.

In the morning, about 30-45 minutes from Foster, we drove to Wilson Promontory. There’s plenty of things to see and walk in the area. We only managed to do an easy climb up Mt. Bishop and walk along Squeaky Beach. We hoped and attempted to go to the Big Drift but we couldn’t push through with it due to time-constraint.

WilProm was just so gorgeous. There were plenty of mountains on one side, beaches on the other. There were caves apparently, also sand dunes. There are different types of nature to satisfy any nature-lover. Two days in this kind of place is not enough. I super enjoyed it. This is a highly recommended place for people who love nature and walks.

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Midlife Crisis

Have you ever felt like you are trapped? You do not like what you are currently doing but you do not know where else to go? You try to swim back up to your route, but waves keep on pushing you down to the unknown? What if you like the unknown better but you cannot afford it? You rely on other methods to get by but these methods don’t feel suitable? You try to depend on others, but people keep on stabbing you instead of helping you out? You know well enough that the only solution is within you, but you do not know how to start or how to escape from this prison? How do you start when failure cannot be an option? How do go when you feel old to start over? How do start over when people are denying you from detaching from your previous life or profession? How do you start over? How should I? I am lost. I. NEED. HELP.

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