I have been keeping manual journals since childhood and just in 2007, I decided to upgrade a little bit and make it online.

What brought about the change? I got broken-hearted. From Multiply, I transferred to Livejournal then to WordPress. Earlier entries in this journal were all about my life’s complains and pains. It was like just seating on a therapist’s couch and free-associating. I wasn’t thinking much. I was immature.

Gradually, I improved though I’ve to admit, I still am a work in progress. Slowly, I started to see things that are more meaningful…..

I read a lot of books. I love people-watching and introspecting. I was able to see and visit  a number of countries and places in and out of the Philippines, I’ve been inspired many times by different people, events and generally, anything I’ve been in contact with (songs,books,poems etc..) Hence, I shall be writing about these too…

I used to focus more on life’s discomforts. Now, I promise I’ll try to see more of the positive things and hopefully, less irrational stuff.

This journal will comprise about anything under the sun….no themes…no restrictions…I’m NOT a professional writer…I’m just an ordinary woman…in search for her life’s purpose…call me..Miss Pia..=)

Join me in this journey…inspire me…be my teacher! =)

6 Responses to About

  1. Hi there.
    Very interesting blog!
    Great pictures.
    Where are you from?
    you are welcome on my blog

  2. hi!

    i commented on your other “blog” to answer your question.

    But if you read on my blog, there is always a link to the photos in big resolution. =)

  3. Brings Adventure to You Journey – INDONESIA JOURNEY.Com

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