Part 9: Moree, NSW

(2 days/ 1 Night)

We were still in the process of following the sun and mineral pools instead of the ocean.

Moree is another town popular for its artesian bath. Unlike in Goodooga though, over there it’s not free to use this natural wonder. Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre’s our 4th mineral pool (3rd artesian). As mentioned, unlike in Goodooga, where the whole experience was free, in Moree, we had to pay to use the gym ($7) and the pool($8). It was still not so bad.

Also, as per the recommendation of Sasha from the Information Centre, we checked out Moree’s art trail. This trail featured murals around town, painted by local artists. The murals represent the community’s daily living in Moree. We just cruised and got to know the streets and the town a little through this activity.

So, what else was nice in Moree, aside from their artesian pools and art trail? Unlike the past few towns we recently visited, Moree was bigger.

It has most of the city people’s basics (Maccas, KFC,  Woolies, Coles, Thai and Indian food etc). It’s quite progressive. Their buildings and houses looked well-maintained and quite unique in terms of design. It has a huge industrial area as well. My favourite part was none of these though. I loved that it has a river that flows around town, tracks along it and the idea that they’ve so many spacious parks. ❤️

Where did we stay?

Moree Tourist Park: Pretty spacious drive-through caravan space. The reception was very friendly. The toilets and showers were clean as well. Not far from the town centre.

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