Part 15: Ballina, NSW


We were on our way home! As we were slowly heading south, the weather was less ideal. It was colder and wetter. The views along the way still kept us burning with excitement though. 😍

We passed through Tweeds Heads on our way to our next destination, Ballina. Tweed Heads is the NSW’s northernmost coastal town. It’s next to the Queensland Border town, Coolangatta. It seemed to be a busy and vibrant town, with a number of coastal viewings, surfing spots and parks. We didn’t really stop for long, so, I couldn’t really say if I’d like to live there….but obviously, this town stood out. 🀣

Ballina’s is located just a few hours from Brisbane. This was said to be the heart of the Northern Rivers NSW region. So, the town takes pride in its great Richmond River and majestic and uncrowded beaches. Lookouts around Ballina also left me in awe, especially the Pat Morton Lookout during sunset. It was magical.

We’ve visited a couple of coastal towns now, and so far, this is one of my favourites. I know the town has more to offer, but because we only had a few days here, we just slowly viewed and enjoyed what’s right in front of us -river and ocean, plus the outdoor market πŸ’š

In this town, I was happy because for a change,  T had an idea to get up very early, and watch the sunrise! He said he “feels good”. This statement made me happier than the sunrise itself.πŸ’›

P.S. The Big Prawn is unfortunately not a restaurant. This Australia’s iconic big prawn is actually a monument, right in front of the household/hardware store, Bunnings. 🀣

On our way to Nambucca Heads, we stopped by Coffs Harbour to watch footy. We also had a quick look at the place (The Big Banana), and still somehow enjoyed it.

Where did we stay?

Sandalwood caravan and Leisure Park: It was far away from the centre. It was very quiet and spacious. the amenities were old but fairly clean. There’s a pool. due to the weather, there were puddles of water from our space to the shower. There was a permanent camper who prepares and sells food inside the park. You do not even have to go out anymore. 34/NIGHT.

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