Part 10: Boomi, NSW

(5 Days)

Why were we in Boomi? Still, we were chasing good weather and our fourth artesian bore bath / fifth mineral pool. Boomi (apparently pronounced as ‘Boo-my’, NOT ‘Boo-mee’. We just learned this on our last day of stay there) is another small town with a population of 201(ABS Census, 2016).

This town is heavily reliant on farming and agriculture. It’s a small town equipped with an artesian pool, tennis courts, nature walks (trails were a bit overgrown, but apparently, improving them is on the town’s bucket list), a pub, a powered and unpowered caravan sites and a general store (which is very conveniently located beside the caravan park/pool).  No post office, which was unusual for me as most smaller towns we visited had one. Anyway, like most rural areas, its night skies were mostly clear, therefore, amazing for stargazing.

This town used to have more people and used to be busier, but due to the unpredictability of Australian weather (for crops) and the transition to heavy mechanization, people were forced to move out of town to look for work. Despite this, agriculture was always around, especially with Koramba Farm & Cotton Gin (which we visited) just less than 15km away,  providing employment for many locals.

***We only realized how huge the Australian cotton industry was when we drove past acres and acres of cotton farms on our way to Moree and Boomi. Cotton was said to be planted, cleaned, and treated here, then exported to other countries for further processing, and textile production.***

There were cotton tours offered in Moree but they only have them on specific days. We didn’t expect Boomi to have this tour, so when we asked people from the general store a.k.a. ‘reception’ about it, they helped us create a group, and organize a tour for the group…FOR FREE (not sure if it would remain that way though).-

As we’ve been told, and as per our observations too, people of this town work really hard, and apparently has the reputation of “getting things done”.

Where did we stay?

Boomi Caravan Park Coop, unpowered site: The unpowered sites were spacious, and the powered looked crowded. The staff were friendly. Unpowered site people share the same toilet and bathroom as the pool visitors while people from the powered site have their own (locked, they’ve got keys) toilet and bathroom which looked newer. The park was very close to the pub, just a few steps to the general store and the pool. We had to pay $10 for an unpowered site but this didn’t include the pool entrance. The Entrance fee to the pool was $6 every day per adult. They helped us organize a FREE cotton tour.

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