Part 2: Lakes Entrance, VIC


As the name implied, this is the entrance for ocean vessels to access Gippsland lakes, which is a vast network of inland waterways.

It was very apparent that this place is where people retire, or this is a place where retirees visit. I cannot blame them, Lakes Entrance was very relaxing, possibly, because of all the waters surrounding it. Residents seemed to love fishing. They were fishing even in rough waters. They seemed to love their dogs here too. I went for a run twice, and both times, I saw so many people out and about walking and playing with their fur babies. I just loved it. Also, as I ran, people walking opposite me would greet me 98% of the time, which was a good sign. Moreover, they’ve got stunning sunset views there too. Obviously, these were the reasons why I liked it there.

Sunset at Lakes Entrance

We also attempted to go for a walk around Entrance Walk, but unfortunately, it was cut short, because we saw a brown snake one km into the walk. We ran out of the trail after that. That was one of my greatest fear. I know some find snakes fascinating. They look good and all but, I am not exposed to them yet…so my fear of them is high. Oh well.

Where did we stay:

Woodbine Caravan Park: The location was good. It’s walking distance to the shops. Wifi wasn’t very good but the whole place was clean. Amenities were clean and it felt secure too. However, one staff wasn’t as friendly as the other.

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