Last juice fast of the year

Nov 2021

Yay! I made it. I was able to fulfill my new year’s promise to T, to do 8-10days of juice fasting four times this year. So how did we go this time around? Well, aside from the obvious weight loss, I had this lingering hip/lower back pain for the past few weeks. On our sixth day, I realized it wasn’t painful anymore (after I told T’s visiting sister, I was not feeling anything!). Ok, to be honest, I also stopped running and other strenuous workouts while we were juicing, and just focused more on mild yoga with some stretch emphasis on my back and hip area. So, the pain’s possibly gone because of it?! T believes it was the juice fasting! I also want to believe, but I am not sure.

I seriously hope, someone would initiate a real scientific study with controls to see the effectiveness of juice fasting in different forms of illnesses or inflammations, so we could somehow have something more than just anecdotal evidence.

Suggested rough protocol:

Location: Hopefully in a controlled environment like the hospital. This will hopefully be done as an inpatient to eliminate external factors. Plus, for ensuring the safety of our participants too.

Participants: People with “mild” conditions, (yeah let’s start with mild stuff first) or some diseases that are immediately visible to our naked eye (say acne, eczema?)


Could be random or convenience sampling?

Whoever wants to do / random if possible?: Juice fast only /  Juice fast + medication / medication only

Monitor health indicators every day by doctors and/or nurses.

Monitor overall well-being (energy, happiness etc) every day

Maybe do this for at least 2 weeks??

The investigation would focus on differences in health indicators + well-being + acne appearance?

This could be replicated for other conditions too.

I sincerely want to know. Maybe this can be an option for people with idiopathic diseases (like for T., his doctors couldn’t tell him exactly where his pain was coming from. Juice and water fasting were his last option). I know some doctors + pharmaceutical companies will not like this because the only people earning from this possible solution would be our farmers, fruit vendors, and companies selling juicers.

Oh well, this entry is just to take it out there in case someone who can actually fund this is reading.

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