Second Annivesary in Melbourne CBD

8-11 July 2021

Time is flying so quickly; We are now two years married. Everything felt like yesterday. Anyway, on the day of our anniversary, we decided just to celebrate by dining in at our wedding reception place. M, the guy who helped us organise our wedding, was still working there, and he served us with complimentary dessert and coffee, after knowing that we were there for our anniversary. We also had the same cake as our wedding day. Nothing extravagant, really. We then watched a movie which was ok. 

Last year, we also wanted to do the same, but because of the pandemic, our wedding reception cancelled our booking. Luckily though, the pandemic didn’t stop us from having the same cake. Hehe

Coming back to this year, on the weekend, to continue with our anniversary celebration, we booked a room with river view at Crowne Hotel, and explored the city for the next two days. Melbourne CBD is definitely happening. With all its quaint lanes, busy streets, pretty buildings, and uhhh the state library. It is the oldest public library in Australia, and among the first free ones in the world, but it didn’t look old at all. It was immaculate. It was awesome! I had been to Melbourne so many times before, but I never had the chance to enter the library until that day. It was so beautiful.

To warm Melbourne’s very cold nights, and yeah, our last night was particularly chilly, CBD also have the Crown Gas Brigade which we also enjoyed. It was spectacular both from near the eight towers and from afar! Apparently, this attraction is the world’s largest fireballs at night?

Next time we have the time, Melbourne CBD’s museums and parks would be on our list.

Melbourne CBD

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