Gold Coast, Australia

9-12 May 2021

We just spontaneously booked this flight after finding out that it is still on sale (50%) as part of the Australian government’s initiative to stimulate domestic tourism again whilst there are not many Covid-19 cases here. We worked so hard for the past uncountable months because anyway, we couldn’t go anywhere for holidays. We worked mostly seven days a week. Now that we can go somewhere, we decided, work can wait, and we can take a break. We deserve it.

So, travelling here was our first flight in 15 months. I was very thrilled. Tullamarine airport was busy, which was unexpected. It felt like pre-Covid. The only reminder that we’re still in Covid period was everyone was required to wear a mask while in the airport and onboard.  We departed smoothly. On our descent, the birds-eye view of the endless sand and ocean was just breath-taking! I’ve never seen such a straight long beach in my life!

As this holiday was planned to rest and relax, we didn’t really plan much activities. We just booked an accommodation with a nice view of the ocean, and near the centre where everything we might need and crave are close by.  I would have extra energy to do walks and see waterfalls, but I have to think of my dear hubby too. Married life is full of compromises. This time, I would have to because I could also use a little chill time.

On our first day, we just chilled at a nearby restaurant to watch T’s  AFL, then we went home. On our second day, we went for a swim in our hotel pool, then we took Uber to Burleigh Beach. I’ve never seen so much model-like fit people, mostly women, in my life until we walked along that beach. T, as you could imagine, was very happy, and he kept on saying “Good work,  baby” (on ‘choosing this location to go for a walk). We then had dinner in a Thai restaurant….and yes, we are still together.

On our third day, we didn’t have much activities too. We woke up early to view the sunrise right in front of  the beach, we went for a 2-hr massage, went to view sunset by a river, and caught up with T’s friend at night. We also hired a car that we used to look around on our last day after we’ve checked out.

On our last day, we just drove around because the weather was not as friendly as the past  few days. It was pouring hard, and it made it difficult for us to enjoy the place more. Our flight was at night, and gladly it went uneventful.

Back to hard work the next day.

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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