Juice Fasting (again)

17-23 April 2021

I keep on forgetting how difficult it is, until I am doing it again. Just like a marathon, it is indeed more of a mental challenge than physical.

I promised my hubby we would do a juice fast 4x this year. He would pick the dates. Juice fasting makes him feel better. I could see. It is pretty obvious he’s having less spasms during and after we juice fast. While I keep on doing it because I am curious, challenged, and ultimately, to support the hubby.

Aside from the expected weight loss (this time, 54.1-51.7 kg), weakness and waking up in the middle of the night, I do not know exactly what’s happening inside me. I’ve researched juice fasting, and most of the articles are anecdotal, and would always just say, “there is currently no published research supporting the safety or effectiveness of juice fasts”. I am just wondering, if many believe of juice fasting’s effectiveness, why couldn’t I find scientific papers about it, or at least, a paper about what does juice fasting do to a healthy person’s body? Can someone point me to one? If there are none, will government agencies, institutions or independent companies sponsor it? I will be very willing to participate. =) I am just super curious.

Let me know.

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