My 10-Days Juice Fast Experience

19-28 Feb 2021

This year, I promised T I would juice fast with him more regularly. I initially suggested 3 days every month.  Since we were not able to start it in January due to our busy work commitments, we just decided to do it quarterly for 10days each go. The longest I did it was 7-days, and that was already tough for me. Now, 10days would be a challenge. I convinced myself that “It’s just like running long distance, you would feel better after it”…..only it would last 10days.

On day 1, I already lost 2kg, and that kept me motivated. From 56.2kg on day 1 to 51.2kg on day 10. I didn’t stop my workouts, working, and I tried to perform as per normal. As expected, I felt weaker than usual, slower in running and less flexible when doing yoga. On the first few days, my cravings were so bad, but as the days go by, it became lesser. There was also a side effect that I didn’t have before. I wasn’t sleeping well. I kept on waking up in the middle of the night, and I had a hard time sleeping back. That possibly contributed to my extended feeling of weakness.

Many years ago, I had a tooth extraction which wasn’t done properly, and it caused numbness and inability to taste on half of my tongue. Weirdly, I thought I was feeling something there during the last few days of juice fasting. I was curious on what a longer fasting would do to it, but I was also too hungry to extend my juice fast. Haha I could still feel a little bit on that side now, 2 days post fasting…but I can’t really say for sure.

Certainly, I will do it again. I want to support T, especially because I could feel and see that his spasms were less during, and after a juice fast. I am starting to believe the effectiveness of it. I also kind of happy losing a little bit of weight, and having my long-lost abdominal muscle expose itself for a bit. Haha

Anyway, we used our new juicer Kuvings EVO820. It made my life a lot easier because unlike with our old juicer, now, I didn’t need to slice most of the fruits. It’s juice yield is also much better. I just love it.

Why do we juice fast?

and oh,

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