Holiday Road Trip

(Dec 27 2020 – Jan 3 2021)

Melbourne-Adelaide-Mildura-Melbourne and those towns in between

Adelaide (Dec 27-Jan 1)

We were initially planning for a road trip to Sydney but of course, our dear friend COVID-19 got in the way again. We had to change our plans and visit South Australia instead. I’ve never been to Adelaide and T didn’t mind going back. I also, didn’t want to take airplanes yet as I feel that its still not very safe considering the number of cases rising again.

Anyway, T drove the whole time as I couldn’t. Our drive to Adelaide wasn’t very eventful and T would usually say, the whole drive there was boring. To me, there is excitement everywhere, especially if they’re new to me. I thought the painted silos and the old buildings along the way were interesting.

We arrived a little bit late so, we just went out for tea and headed to our accommodation. Our first full day was spent climbing Mt. Lofty. This activity definitely put a huge smile on my face but sadness on T’s face. Though we drove up to the summit, I decided to descend to see the waterfalls and climb back up again. T almost reached the bottom with me, but he decided to stop and wait for me to ascend again and we walked together up to the summit again.We then, went to the Glenelg, beach side of Adelaide and relaxed there. We just had coffee and cake, drove a bit more, had tea at the happening Hindley Street.

 The next day, as T’s body was aching, we just drove around admiring Adelaide’s churches, as it is tagged as the “City of Churches”. St. Peter’s Cathedral is such a beautiful work of art as well as the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. We went in, prayed a while and experience the moment as I haven’t been inside a church in a while now. We also visited the Central Market and had brunch there. We also squeezed some time to watch T’s crush, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 84 (Script is a thumbs down).

The next day, we travelled by the beach and had a short swim in Noarlunga Beach. It was beautiful. It looked warm, but nah, it was still cold for me. We then had tea at Big Shed and I finally found a beer that I liked and could drink. We then rushed back up again to Mt. Lofty for sunset. We successfully managed to view it.

Our last day, New Year’s Eve, we went for massage, finally managed to attend a mass at St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral. We had dinner at Rundley Street, another happening street, and stayed there til the countdown. We drove around watching drunk children enjoying their New Year’s eve celebrations and went back home.

Overall, I really felt that Adelaide is a city of beautiful buildings and architecture. I certainly enjoyed photographing them. I like the atmosphere of the city as it was just very chill and relaxed. Its beaches were also enjoyable. I loved it.

Mildura (Jan 1-3)

T kept on saying there’s not much to see in Mildura. But nah, they’ve got the serene Murray River there. We drove around it on our first night and had tea at the city centre. The next day, there was a thunderstorm. We just drove to Red Cliff and had a look at their red cliffs and Big Lizzie, the historical tractor. We also managed to have brunch under a tree along the Murray River. I had been asking T to do that with me, and finally, we were able to do it in Mildura. We spent a good 2hours relaxing there. We then headed to Ranfurly Lake because a little search placed its name as one of the best locations to watch sunset. We then, had tea and that’s about it.

The next day, we drove back home. We Googled about the Pink Lake along the way and we couldn’t find much information about it. We asked the locals and they were as clueless as we were. T wasn’t keen to go anymore, but I was still very optimistic that the experience would be great. After a few minutes of begging, I managed to convince him. Yipee! It was the first time for me to see a Pink Lake.

We also drove past Bendigo. I have heard about the city but never really had any impression about it. I got a shock to see how beautiful the city was. We walked around and had tea there. Next time, we would see and explore more of it.

The sun was setting as we drove home and that show became the finale of our short holiday. Back to work next week.

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