Five-day Juice Fast 2020

And yes, we managed to do it again.  We started at the same day as last year. My goal is just to keep my promise to Tim, that we will do it once a year and to somehow lose a bit of weight. We only used green and red apples, carrots, beetroot, lemons, a little bit of strawberries this year. Well, it was tough (for me) because I had to do the juicing most of the time as well as because I am always hungry.

On my second day, that bitter taste in my mouth was back and I felt weak. It improved a little bit on day 3. I indeed lost about 2kg on day 5. There was also a little bit of effect on my leg rash which was unexpected. Could be placebo? I am not sure, but it looked better on Day 5.

Anyway, I promised Tim that next year, we would do a monthly 2-3days juice fast and we would ensure that we will include Kichidi on our diets at least once a week.

I learned about the Kichidi when I took my 200-hour Yoga Instructor Course back in Singapore. We would eat this after our Kriyas or cleansing as it is basic and very gentle to our tummies plus there are other benefits too.

Ingredients are:

Rice- Carbohydrates

Mung Dhal – Protein

Salt – flavour and electrolytes

Turmeric – Antibacterial, antiseptic and good for immune system

Ghee – Nourishes the intestines

Cumin Seeds-Good for digestion

Water– Hydration

Just boil them together.

This is a very simple meal to prepare and could be very nutritious too even when we are not doing Kriya.

Just a reminder though: I am not a nutritionist or a health guru. So, ensure to check with your doctors before doing alterations in your current diet.

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