Covid-19 : Fun?Frustration?Fear?

This virus originated from China late last year. It spread all over the world and now, everyone’s scared and worried about health, both our own and our loved ones. Lockdown, social distancing, frequent hand hygiene were the usual national responses from different countries. With all these limitations, we all cannot go anywhere, we cannot do much, how do we cope?

Luckily, we have digital media nowadays.  It is easy to find something to do. We have Netflix, Facebook, Tiktok, which is slowly getting more popular over this Covid-19 period. On Facebook, I could observe people dancing, acting and singing with the help of this app. I also noticed people becoming more domesticated as everyone seems to be cooking and baking then posting which I kind of liked the idea as I am seeing plenty of inspiration for meals to cook after browsing on Facebook. I am also seeing so many photos of empty grocery shelves, some were making jokes about posting their own house plan stating that they’re making an itinerary to tour their own houses. Some are posting about front liners and thanking them which, to be honest, they truly deserve every single gratitude they are getting.

It is not only fear that’s arising. Hatred became very apparent as well. Hate about China, hate about other races, hate about each country’s political solutions and actions, hate about people who are hoarding. It seems that, aside from crowded hospitals and deaths, hatred became an indirect by-product of the virus itself.

It’s sad that people are becoming more discriminating racially than ever. We are all fighting the same enemy. We should fight this invisible enemy together by staying apart. Without mutual respect and understanding, it makes things harder. Distance between people is enough to say and make people feel that we actually care. Hate makes it harder for us to embrace each other again after this virus is over.

You are lucky if you have your family with you and that you know you can help prevent them from getting sick. Some do not have their families with them. They just have to pray and hope that their elderly parents won’t catch it. We are stressed and frustrated with what is happening, but we all are suffering and struggling because of this. Let’s help each other get through this more smoothly. It’ll be easier that way.

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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