A weekend trip to KL, Malaysia

5-7 Oct 2018

I was thinking of a creative birthday gift to T, and thought of something experiential. I decided to bring him somewhere he has not been to before. I thought of KL. I was looking for cheaper options to get there while I was studying for an exam and instead of booking the cheapest option, I accidentally booked the more expensive one. Hay

Anyway, he had a shock of his life when he knew he was flying to KL by himself as that was my press-release to him. Only after a few minutes, I admitted to him that I was coming too. We flew by Air Asia. We reached there at night and stayed for 2 nights at the Swiss Hotel.

The next day, we managed to visit Batu Cave, the National Mosque, Merdeka Square, Petronas Towers and we had a wonderful dinner and massage at Jalan Alor. He was acting weirdly the whole day. Only to realize he would ask me “the question” at midnight by the Sultan Abdul Samad Buiding, the classical building beside Merdeka Square. Of course, he got his answer….. “maybe” haha which to us, meant “hell, yeah”.

Batu Cave


Day 2, we just decided to walk around KLCC again, for PDA shots by the iconic Petronas Towers and lunch. Then we wet to Chinatown for a bit of shopping. We headed to the airport afterward.

I love how much T is enjoying traveling with me now. I feel the same way. =)

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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