A weekend in Malacca, Malaysia

30 Jun – 1 Jul 2018

My parents are in Singapore for the week but I couldn’t take any more leaves and so, I am making sure our weeknights and weekends are busy and fun. I decided to bring them to Malacca for our first weekend.

Malacca is only around 4hours away from Singapore. We took the afternoon 707 bus. Not a very ideal and practical option because we arrived there already late at night. However, it can also be considered the best because I was with my mum and dad. They had to rest fully the night before so they can comfortably walk around the next day.

And that was what they did. They were able to walk with me. I have been to Malacca a couple of times already but I never had a chance to really explore it because most of the visits were only day trips. This time around, I was able to see more.

New Discoveries:

1. How beautiful their river is especially at night.
2. Some alleys are so picture-worthy.
3. They have iguanas and monkeys walking along the river.
4. They have old and pretty small bridges along the river.
5. They have A LOT of small restaurants and cafes along the river. I’ve never imagined how vast the options are. A bit pricey though, but still, the ambiance is what you are paying for.No. we didn’t eat there.

Most of the amazing things I’ve newly discovered were from along the river. I’ve never had a chance to have a long stroll along it until this trip. We also went to a few museums which were well-maintained and the Melaka Strait Mosque which was also well-visited because of its picturesque sunsets.

Food was great but my mum had diarrhea from something we had eaten. I and my dad were ok though.

Unfortunately, we had to bid this city goodbye after 2nights and 1.5days in it.

Colourful Malacca

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