A Weekend in Bintan, Indonesia

7-8 July 2018

As mentioned in my earlier post. I am determined to make my parents’ holiday with me very happening despite I didn’t have much time during weekdays.

I decided to bring them somewhere I haven’t been to as well. I booked a not-so-cheap package to Bintan. At $440, it included Ferry, land transport, one-night hotel accommodation to the very nice Nirwana Resort Hotel, and breakfast for 3 people. I thought it wasn’t so bad and it was just once every blue moon that I’d spend such a huge amount for an over the weekend kind of holiday.

Everything went smoothly as per our boat and land rides. My mum and dad rarely stay in very nice hotels like this. I loved how happy their faces were when they entered this hotel with a huge lobby while we were greeted by a group of cultural dancers and welcome drinks. They were thrilled.

The resort was indeed very nice. There weren’t many people swimming on the beach. Maybe because of the abundance of “beware of jellyfishes” signages around the resort. Among the hotel’s facilities, I and my dad just loved the spa swimming pools. We could just sit there for hours and have our backs and legs massaged.

We decided to have dinner at Kelong Seafood Restaurant which was located within the premises of Nirwana Gardens. Four delicious dishes (Squid, shrimp, fried rice, and beancurd) for almost 100SGD.

We then went for a free movie night and went back to the room.

The next day, we went for the free breakfast. It was a huge spread. I just enjoyed watching my parents have a blast. We went for more swimming and headed back to the terminal and waited for our ferry back to Singapore.

Bintan was indeed a nice place but one must know that it is really pricier than what I imagined. I had a great time and so as my parents so it’s all worth it.=)

Bintan Beach

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