Perky Perth, Australia

28 Apr – 1 May 2018

Why Perth?

As mentioned in my earlier post, I would be visiting Australia more often now since T is from there. We didn’t know where to go for the month, hence, my decision to surprise-visit his mum who, 2 months ago, was based in Perth. You read it right. Two months ago… So, instead of us, surprising her, we ended up getting surprised by her announcement that she wanted to move to Townsville and that pretty much happened very quickly. So, there we were, with promo airfares, we couldn’t refund and rebook our flights. We just had to make the best out of it.

We decided to rent a car for enhanced mobility. I sort of didn’t like this idea initially because I didn’t want to lose my confidence in taking public transport.Since I am no longer traveling alone, I had to consider his opinion too. When with him, I would suppose, we might drive more than take public transport. I just have to hope I won’t lose this ability eventually.

Here’s our relaxed itinerary in Perth:

T picked me up from the airport and we drove to Fremantle for dinner. He brought me to Little Creature. We then walked around the quaint town for a bit and headed back to our home accommodation, Criterion Hotel.


The next day, we drove to Cottesloe Beach. The sun was out and so as the people. Waves were not as strong whilst, water was, in my opinion, too cold…. The coastline was so beautiful. We then drove to Hillarys for lunch and chilled there for a while.


Cottesloe Beach


We then drove to Reabold Hill, the highest point of Perth to wait for the sunset. I wanted to explore more of the place but apparently, the park closes between 6-7pm. We wouldn’t be able to reach back on time if we take either the short or the longer trail. Maybe next time.


Sunset was, as usual, breath-taking. I like the feeling of just watching it set while the wind softly touched my face. It felt even more special because T was around. I already have him to share this beautiful view with.

After indulging in the city view, we drove to the nearest cinema to watch Infinity War. We drove home after that.

Next day, we drove to Busselton Jetty, at 1.8Km, the world’s longest wooden jetty. It was surprisingly far from Perth. We passed by Mandurah and walked around the quiet town. I liked these small towns we stopped into. The quieter it is, the better for me.




Busselton Jetty

We reached Busselton late in the afternoon. It was almost sunset. Sun didn’t show but the rain did. It rained when we were half-way coming back. We ran back but we still got caught in the rain. It was fun still. We had KFC before we drove back home. We entertained ourselves by listening to comedies of T’s choice the whole time. Simple pleasures of life.=)

Despite we resist, our last day together had arrived. We both were flying the same night. Hence, we just decided to go to King’s Park. It has a view over-looking the river and the city. It was beautiful. The botanical garden inside was also very rich in varieties of plants and trees. Their grasslands also looked trimmed and well-maintained. It would have been nice if we could have a picnic there. We had cake and coffee after the walk in a cafe within the premises of the park.


King’s Park View

We drove back to Hillarys for lunch and spent the whole afternoon there, eating chips and churros. It was sad because it was our last day together again. Time really flies fast when having fun.

We drove to the airport, returned the car and headed to the International Airport. Bye bye T!=(

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