Australia 2017

Nov 25-29 2017

I have been to Australia three times before this. The decision to go back to Down Under was purely out of love if you know what I mean.

I arrived at Melbourne airport, and T was there waiting for me. It was great to see him again. We drove straight to Halls Gap. We got lost a little but it didn’t really matter. We reached there at around 5pm. It was drizzling a little bit. Checked in Halls Gap Motel and rested for a while before dinner.

We planned to go for a sunrise hike the next day, but we were too tired and decided just to go for a hike at decent hours.haha We drove to the parking lot, which was the usual starting off point to go up to the Pinnacle.

The ascent was easy. It was a straightforward hike following the yellow arrows. T was leading. Yay, we reached the Pinnacle. I was so proud of him. View from atop was beautiful and to share it with him was even more fulfilling. He isn’t really into these kinds of activities and for him to do this is/was something. =)

The Pinnacle

Lunch at the Pinnacle, then we decided to descend. We just walked down hoping that what we were going on the right path. We spent so long going down. Well, we took the wrong turn apparently. Haha Instead of following the same route going down, we took a loop passing through more sites like the Venus Bath and a waterfall. I was impressed by T. He was surprisingly fit to be able to sustain a lot of up and downs with a little whining.

Well, aside from distance, we were also running for time. He organized a dinner for me to meet up with his friends and family in Portland. Haha. So, we finished later than originally planned. It was finally decided that I would be denied the privilege to go for a shower and fix myself up before meeting up with the VIPs of his life! Haha

Dinner went well. I got to know from his friends that he was (close to) never angry. Is that a good thing? We stayed at his dad’s place.

The next day, we drove to Mt. Gambier because he had to work. We passed by the pretty Blue Lake. We then drove back to Portland and went on a small city tour. We had Canadian chicken for lunch. I went to a church too, then we rested in his block. We then, went back to his dad’s house while waiting for the time for sunset.

We drove to Cape Bridgewater for sunset. We waited for it in the cold. It was beautiful. After, we went to her sister for some hot drinks. She and her family were nice. We went home after that.

Sunset by Cape Bridgewater

We didn’t have many plans the next day. We drove to Colac to have a barbeque with his friends. After the tummy-filling meal, we went to Red Rock to witness another gorgeous sunset. We stayed at his friends’ home for the night. The next day was my flight. Sad!


Haikus while there:

Contained, maintained, her.
Staying, greying, glued to here.
Change is unwelcomed!


Whilst fierce waves kiss rocks,
Beautifully washed away.
From strength to power.

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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