Taiwan’s parks and nature

12 May 2017

We were supposed to first go to Yangminshan National Park and do a little bit of hiking and sight-seeing. Unfortunately, we missed the MRT stop, so instead of going back and changing to Red Line, we just decided to change at Brown Line and went to Dahu Park instead. It was a serene place where people take their own sweet time walking and fishing. We spent a little more than an hour to do a lot of photo ops. We had lunch in a small shop at Daan Station after that.

We then headed out to Yangminshan by MRT and bus (Shilin MRT, Take bus R5 or 260, last stop is the park). It was the first time we were taking a bus; hence the method still wasn’t very clear. We just copied people as they tap their cards only before they alight. We then reached the National park. My sister and I just decided to go up a little bit and go to the observation/viewing area. Mom and dad gave up half way. There wasn’t much view on top. It was foggy and it was drizzling that’s why. After reaching the viewing area, we trailed back down to meet with mom and dad and walked towards the Park’s gate where a bus stop’s located.

We took the bus going to Beitou MRT. I thought, why not pass by the hot spring area too. From Beitou, we went to Xinbeitou and attempted if we can get through one of the hot springs but unfortunately, they were really strict about dress codes; hence, we went back to the station without being in one.

Since we were already in the northern area, we decided to have our dinner by the riverside at Tamsui. We bought some fried food from the market and sat by the river. My sister and I had a heated argument about my life and the non-existence of life plans thereof. We kissed and made up after that anyway, because it was time for shopping. They shopped. I walked with my dad.

We concluded the night after that.

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