Gunung Lambak, Kluang, Malaysia : Revisited.

8 Apr 2017

This time was with an all Filipino group organized by both M and M. Unlike the first time, we started off at Lambak Resort. We went the opposite way. Up to the summit and down to the Big Tree station and back to the summit and finally descending down.

Climb this time was more relaxed than the first one. The sun cooperated by hiding a little bit longer under the clouds, hence, making our ascent a little bit more tolerable. The big issue was, we could already hear thunder, lots of them.

After the summit, we had to decide whether we would still push through with the Big Tree station. It was a “push” for me, whilst most wanted to retreat already. For me, if it rains, then, it would be more challenging, meaning, it would be more calories burned. That would be my main reason.

Luckily, we pushed. We reached the big tree, then we went to the stream and started our hike back up to the summit. Halfway there, it started raining heavily. Gosh, I was praying hard that no one would get hurt this time, otherwise, I’d feel so guilty because I decided to push for it.

Thank goodness, everyone of us managed to safely head back to the summit hut, and down to the resort with smiling faces. Yes, I think, most enjoyed the rainy walk. I took off the hoodie of my Poncho and just enjoyed the rain dripping onto my curly hair. If I wasn’t carrying my bag, I wouldn’t have worn any raincoat anymore. It’s seldom acceptable to walk in the rain in today’s society..haha This occurence was rare, I wanted to embrace it!

We freshened up and drove for out dinner at Nando’s and headed back to Singapore. I was fun because I was able to workout on a weekend with my new friends. =)

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