Penang food trip

3-5 March 2017

Week after my Moroccan holiday, I was ,once again, at Changi airport heading for another flight to Penang while I wasn’t even well yet. This time around, I went away on a food trip with my colleagues.

Most of the time, I am disciplined with my food intake. The only things I indulge in are chocolates, Garett’s popcorn, Cheetos and salmon Sashimi, so, I brought no expectations for this trip. I knew most of them could really EAT!

As per my hypothesis, I was no match to their eating abilities and to think, I had already eaten more than my usual portion of meals. They’d had snack (roti prata) before breakfast (laksa penang and chendol), snack (coconut jelly, mee goreng) before lunch (pasta) and the list went on. I was truly impressed with these girls’ ability to munch.

Anyway, our first full day in Penang was spent in Penang Hill where we had our posh lunch and then to the mall. We had our dinner at Hameediyah Restaurant where we had Briyani, honey chicken (combination that is non-existent in Singapore), dhaal and rojak pasembur. I wasn’t feeling well, hence, I couldn’t taste anything but I was enjoying other sensations that were activated. After dinner, we watched Logan. Good movie. Again, since I was still sick, I kept on falling asleep, so my friend, Y, kept on waking me up. Still, based on the 80% of the time I was awake, the movie was good.

I had to go home earlier than them, I spent my last half day with them walking around Armenian Street, just eating away food items that I couldn’t even taste. I was there mostly for the company. I had fun.

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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