Almost goodbye, Morocco

24 Feb 2017

So my itinerary, Fes – Meknes – Rabat – Casablanca.

I woke up early to watch the sunrise over the terrance of the riad. Unfortunately, it was hiding underneath the clouds. It was dark and gloomy. Since it was dim, the view from up there was like the slums in the Philippines, whereby the alleys and streets are shallow, the houses are side by side, there are people everywhere, only, this place is using concrete and cements hence were able to last for centuries whilst, those in the Philippines are using wood and cardboard.


I bathed and went for a free huge breakfast from the hotel. The driver,A, I’ve arranged the day before was on time. He waited for me a little while, the we set off to our day of journey to Casablanca exacly at 9am. He was a joker. He toured me around Fes, nothern and southern views, to the many beautiful gates (Bab) of Fes, Tannery, Palace, Street with Spanish inspired houses. It was beautiful.

We then drove along many simple towns to Meknes. We had to stop for a long time in Meknes because he had to worship, Friday prayer for Muslims in the Mosque, whilst I walked around the Medina. Most of the shops were closed because that’s the usual worship day for most.

We drove more to and finally stopped on a small town for lunch. First time I have ever eaten below 30MAD. It was 25MAD for a beef tagine. So so so cheap as compared to those in the common tourist places. Drove more, to Sales then Rabat. Rabat is the capital but cost of living there is high, hence most people working in Rabat are staying and living in Sales. They are separated by a river but both areas were accessible by trams and boat taxis.



In Rabat, I went to Mohammed V Mausoleum then the medina, which had the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean with the backdrop of the sunset. I enjoyed it so so so much. Sunset and the wind unto my face was fantastic. I was thinking of him. I was sure he would enjoy this view ,then the wind slapped my face….”stop it, he isn’t thinking of you anymore!” Then I woke up from the dream!

View of the shore from Rabat’s Medina

We drove along the coastline to Casablanca. I knew that we were already in Casablanca when I started to feel that the traffic was getting tight and the air was becoming polluted. We were even stopped by a Police officer because apparently, A beat the red light. Well, he paid 150MAD.

He then sent me to my accommodation. Hotel Majestic at 300MAD a night. I bit A goodbye. Despite a little expensive than those I’ve enquired with, I have to say that A was trust worthit and generally, a good man, like my father. You can contact him at + 212 661541241 with Omega Tours.

My accomodation was very old and it looked a little creepy. I waited for the people to finally stop chatting before the acknowledged my presence. Well, by then I’ve learned how Moroccan take life easy. I had to learn to live like that too.

My room was on the third floor. Didn’t go out that night. I just slept early and rested. I was exhausted.

25 Feb 2017

Humble breakfast from the hotel was taken. I knew that I only had to go Hassan II mosque, currently, among the largest mosques in the world. Externally, it looked outstanding. It’s beauty contrasted the mundane view of the water and the surrounding old buildings. It was beautiful. Interiors looked new. The hammam inside was never used. The mosque is only opened on specific timings, hence better check if you want to go inside. Luckily, A told me about this the day before. At 120MAD, one could get in and follow a tour inside the mosque.


I walked within the vicinity for a while, then I decided to get on a cab. I went to the mosque and was able to get there for 15MAD, the drivers from the mosque were asking for 50MAD. I didn’t want to get ripped off. Finally, I found one who agreed at 15MAD. When I got in, he started selling me a tour package around the city. We took off and he was still selling. When he realised that he wouldn’t be able to sell anything to me, he told me his price to my accommodation was 50MAD and not 15. I said no of course. So, he and I agreed that I would alight right then and there. Hay

I walked around the area, and realised that hey, I was in the old town. Haha he brought me to the old town. Well, I walked around a little bit more, only to realise that I was almost late for check out! I took a cab for 30MAD and checked out. I wanted to take the train to the airport but then I got to the train station and realised that the train only runs every hour. As much as I really wanted to try going by train, I didn’t want to miss my flight. So, I went out, drivers gathered towards me and harrased me to pay 300MAD to the airport. No, I wouldn’t agree to that because I asked the train personel how much would it take for me to take cab to the airport, and he said, it’s 250MAD. They were aggresive, hence, I reacted the same way, until someone agreed to my 250MAD offer. A kind guy who drives badly. I would like to think that he was pressing the horn and screaming at people along the way for the whole 45minutes journey because he was afraid that I might be late for my flight. I hope he doesn’t drive like that normally. Reached the crowded airport. Queues were long everywhere, that I reached the boarding gate in time for boarding. I was starving.

Goodbye Morocco!

Flight back home was thankfully uneventful!

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