Thoughts on going somewhere every month

Go somewhere every month was my New Year’s resolution last year. It indeed happened and it was great. My thoughts on the whole thing:


1. Flash planning and travel: Highly recommended if you do not mind to pay a little bit more on flights and if you do not mind just going to a new place without much expectations in mind. It is ok if your mind is open. Anyway, there’s no other time but now!

2. It is a great way to keep yourself excited the whole year. Imagine, every month, I got to just go on random places. It kept me busy the whole year round. It’s always good to look forward to something all the time.

3. Bring along a loved one or meet them there if you are in a long distance relationship. Not that I am in one, but I enjoyed meeting my friend, R in 3 of those monthly travels.

4. It’ll make you really comfortable being in unfamiliar places, especially if you do it consecutively. I didn’t have the luxury of time to do it continously hence, this is the best option that I have.

5. I learned to enjoy waiting in airports. Just people watching, reading, napping and in rare occasion, talking to strangers.

6. Online dating on travels isn’t bad. I tried it on the road for the first time and I guess it’s not as scary as I thought it would be. Just remember to keep yourself equipped with some self-defense techniques (I learned a little bit of Krav Maga a few years back) and just choose properly who are you going to meet, always, in public places <first>.

7. I learned to go a little less hard on myself once I realized that I must have been cheated a little bit. This is something my friend, R, made me realize. He doesn’t bargain. I did, til the price given to me is like how they would give it to the locals. I was good at it. I realized that I have so much and that it is ok to share a little bit of these blessings to other people who are in need. Yes, I would still bargain using my sweet charm but not so much anymore. Thanks for this R!

8. I learned how to switch mindset and jet-lag quickly. I actually don’t think I am still jet-lagging. Haha Well, soon as I arrive back in my country of residence, I am back at work, full blast. I am working as if I didn’t just came back from the US at 2am in the morning.

9. I can say, that now, I am more equipped with skills to be able to survive the world because I have developed more flexibility on things. I am becoming less rigid. Yes. I was extremely uptight to start with but I am always up for some self-improvement.

10. At some point, my question is, is it really good to travel alone when your heart has just been broken? It didn’t work for me, well, initially. But as the days went by, I forgot about the heart ache already. haha

11. I actually have a full time position in a hospital, and doing this, would take an understanding boss and colleagues. So with this entry, I would like to thank all my colleagues, boss, family and friends who have supported me in accomplishing this resolution.

12. Since my favorite number is 12, I will write my 12th point, which is, I THINK I SHALL CONTINUE THIS WAY OF LIFE til I can. Anyway, we only live once. THANK YOU ALL!!!


About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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