Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 (42km)

4 Dec 2016

I was sick for the past two weeks. Very bad cough and heartache were of terrible combination when one is running this distance. These, especially the heartache, affected my training routine negatively. I wasn’t in a good mood to do anything. Despite knowing this, I was still aiming for 4hours 30mins.

I took the arranged transport from Novena together with other runners at 3am. I was at the pen early. Seldom happens that I wasn’t rushing for time.

I was excited. I had a feeling I could make it. I decided to push myself a little harder and followed the pacers for 4hrs 15minutes. After about 10-12km, I saw them drifting away. I got exhausted. I was wishing that the 4.30 pacers wouldn’t overtake me. Unfortunately, as I was running on the 20-ish km I heard their music behind me. I joined them for about 15minutes and they slowly drifted away again.

I knew I couldn’t attain my goal anymore. I just decided to finish the race without much expectations except for, it has to be painless. At 37km, I could feel my legs aching. Something that I didn’t anymore feel during my last 2 marathons.

I was against using gels because I wanted to seriously listen to my body when in pain, and gels would just cover it up temporarily. I had no choice. I was just 5km away, and everything below were painful. Well, since only a short distance was left, I gave in to the temptation of using gels. Haha

Well, luckily, a marathon is still a marathon. I was able to complete it below in 5hours. 3Minutes more that my last one. Not my PB anymore. I was a little disappointed with myself but what can I do….I was hurting…real one or maybe it’s just psychosomatic???

Running a marathon is like falling in love. We are waiting for day to come eagerly. Training for it and excited about it. The anticipation is so much that we keep on forgetting how painful the whole process is sometimes. I was screaming from the inside: AYOKO NA MAGMARATHON, parang love, ayoko na rin…pero malay natin di ba???? Masaya sandali tapos masakit din pala….

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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