Proudly and beautifully ruined: Athens, Greece

26-30 Oct 2016

I flew with a heavy heart. Even the thought of just leaving him on the island made me feel really sad.

Anyway, I had no choice. I had to fly. I arrived in Athens and took a cab to the city center (standard price of $38). I was originally booked at Aksyon Hotel. I came out of the taxi. The street was dim and people seemed to be looking at me. I wasn’t sure if it was just paranoia or they were really looking at me.

I went into the hotel. Outside were people hanging out, smoking and chatting. The person at the reception was smoking. The hotel and the room didn’t feel right. I was always very adventurous when it comes to accommodations but this one really gave a creep that I couldn’t explain. So, I checked out and literally went door to door looking for a new hotel. I checked myself in Diros Hotel by the main road near Omnia station. I just had bread for dinner and dozed off.

In the morning, I joined this Walking tour of Athens ( Our tour guide, Giorgio, was knowledgeable about the city and more. I liked that he somehow taught us how to read Greek. I really learned from him somehow. We went to the Academy of Athens, Cathedral, Temple of Zeus, Athens Olympic Stadium and the tour ended near the entrance of the Acropolis. I enjoyed his tour so much, I’ve given him the biggest tip I’ve ever given to a free walking tour guide.

Greek 101

After the tour, I decided to get up the Acropolis. Alone, it felt chilly. I saw a lot of elderly couples walking around the ruins. Made me wonder if I’d ever have something like that.

After the Acropolis, I went up Philoppapos Hill. It’s about 10minutes walk from the South Entrance of the Acropolis. From there, you’d be able to see the full view of the Acropolis and if you’d come on time, you could watch the sunset from there too which I wasn’t able to chase on my first day.



I then walked through Thissio where all those interesting restaurants were lined up and Monasteraki where the souveniers were being sold at a reasonable prices. I had Greek Pork Gyros for dinner at Monasteraki. It was delicious. I ,then, walked back to Syntagma and took the metro to Omnia because I was already very tired.

This night was a little bit depressing because I had to settle some things with R through chat, if you know what I mean. I wasn’t able clarify when we were together because I was having a great time and I totally forgot to do reality checks.

Indeed, the night turned sad but life must go on. I went out of the hotel hopeful. I dropped by the cathedral. Ask for strength to get through the day and left. I realised it was a holiday, Oxi day, hence entrance to museums and sites were free. I shouldn’t have gotten that all-inclusive ticket from the Acropolis the day before. Anyway, it’s been done and it couldn’t be reversed anymore.

I walked to the Parliament to check how the Greeks celebrate this Oxi day. Flags and the police were everywhere. After I realised that the parade was already over, I decided to climb up Mount Lykavittos. It stands at 300meters above sea level. Atop was the Chapel of St. George and a restaurant. It’s another view point to see the Acropolis. One can reach the top by walk, which I did and by funicular. It was so windy on top, so, I couldn’t really stay very long.

Atop Mt. Lykavittos

I then walked back and passed by a the War Museum and Aristotle’s Lykeons archeological site. Then, I went to the Ancient and Roman Agora which were just side by side at the foot of the Acropolis. I then, headed back to the Acropolis Museum. From there, I went back home.

Last day in Athens.

I decided to go for one more island hopping before my flight. I picked the nearest island from Athens, Aegina. It was an hour normal boat ride from Pireaus. From the metro station, I aimlesly walked along the port, until I found some opened tour agencies. I bought the ticket to the island at 23Euros, two-way. Not so bad actually.

As always, there were a lot of elderly couple on board. I never felt so alone. I was ,of course, sad. But hey, I was in Greece. I tried to make the most of my stay.

As I arrived, I walked around the small town, had my lunch and went to one archaeological site. My time was just enough to explore the center of the town. There were walking trails that looked interesting but I lacked time, hence, I couldn’t do it anymore.

I went back to Athens by a speedboat. I went quickly to Philippapos Hill again to watch the sunset and I was successfully able to do so. I was happy….not. I then, headed back to Thissio for dinner, then to Diros Hotel to collect my luggage and then to the airport.

Flight back to Singapore was luckily, uneventful.

Time to face the reality of being friendzoned by the man you thought you loved.


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