Feeling high in Cameron highlands!

22-24 Jul 2016

Another weekend trip with friends. It was just in our neighboring land, Malaysia; just about 10-12hours away from Singapore. Indeed, a very long road trip. We left Singapore at about 10pm, passed by multiple gasoline stations, food courts,  waterfalls and finally reaching the town proper, Tanah Rata, at about 10am. We got a little bit lost, hence, we reached our very spacious two-story accommodation at lunch time already.

We prepared and had our lunch at home, after which we went to the very pretty tea plantation. We also passed by the strawberry farm but all decided not to get in anymore. I had an experience with strawberry picking already last year in Canada. Most of the rest also had their own separate ones.


Tea Plantation

We all wanted to go for a massage but the parlor of our choice only had like 6 masseurs. Six went in first while the three of us walked around the city looking for another shop. We were unsuccessful, hence we just spent out waiting time talking and munching our time away.

We went back to meet up with the group after 1hour. The three of us decided to still go for the massage. They waited for us. After all of us have endured the torturous massage, we all went for dinner.

Upon reaching home, the night was just indelibly fun and crazy. We played fun games the whole night til the morning.

We had breakfast at home and then we were supposed to go to church. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find its whereabouts. We just went to the Lavender Farm. Then the unending drive home started. It was fun to be with friends. It’s different.

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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