Warmth despite Rainy Days in Scotland

28 June – 2 Jul 2016

Day 1:

Early morning, we took the Gatwick Express to the airport. Check-in was uneventful. Flight was just an hour.

Arrived safely. My first impression of Edinburgh was gloomy. It was drizzling and a little dark. I didn’t read much about it because my friend’s based there. I thought, he should know better. Haha I wasn’t used to letting other people plan my trips but sometimes, if I trust the bunch, I could be trusting that way.

He told me about the New and Old town plus the Royal Mile. After resting for a bit at home, we headed out to go for a city walk, passed by St. Giles Cathedral (with exbihit about the Revelations) and then we went for a very easy climb up to the Calton Hill, where another Nelson Monument/Tower was proudly erected . We climbed up there for 5Pounds and admired the city from it’s birds eye view. I was beautiful!

Atop Nelson’s Monument at Calton’s Hill, Edinburgh

He also told me about the story of the columns, National Monument of Scotland, there. The view from up there was amazing. One shouldn’t give it a miss when visiting Edinburgh.

Home after this.

Day 2:

As we only had light dinner the night before, I wanted to get a special breakfast. I had this huge Scottish full breakfast meal before we headed for another attempt to go on easy climb at Arthur’s Seat.

Weather was great when we started but half-way to the Seat, it started raining rather heavily. Trail was wet and I was wearing a tractionless road running shoes while my friend has this fear of descending from a height. I was so tempted to continue on conquering it alone, but thoughts of safety prevailed plus, I visited Scotland partly because I wanted to spend time with my friend, hence, that was what I decided to do. No peaks and summits for me this time.

We descended and took the road towards the Edinburgh Castle. We walked inside and around the castle. In there, we again witnessed the view of the city from high. Still, I was in awe. I was sure that if the sun says hello to the city, it’ll even be more awesome. My favorite part was the Prisons of War part of the castle.

We decided just to indulge ourselves with a dinner from the grocery that night.

Day 3:

It’ll be my last full day in the UK. He planned to bring me to Brodick. An island on the western part of Scotland, Isle of Arran. We took the train to Glasgow, then Androssan Harbour then a ferry to Brodick.

It was a scenic train and ;a windy and cold ferry ride (didn’t go out of the ferry). We reached the Island at about 2pm and checked in The Douglas Hotel.

Rain was again heavy. It has been like this for the past week. He stayed up to catch up with work, and as usual, I braved the heavy rain and walked around by myself. Alone by the road side, I almost reached the Brodick Castle but as I was worried that it might be too late for me to go back to the hotel, I decided to give the castle a miss for that day. Also, I attempted to get into 2 churches and a Museum, but they were all already closed.

I headed back to the hotel and we had our extravagant dinner from there.

Day 4:

We stayed up a little while in the hotel.

Sun was so tempting outside. I was excited to get out and around. SUN! Finally! We checked out and finally had the taste Vitamin D. We decided to take a walk to the castle before our ferry back to Glasgow, then Edinburgh.

Halfway, again, the enemy arrived. It was again heavily raining. Where art thou Summer sun??? I forgot my umbrella back at the hotel, hence, we just agreed to take a final decision of giving the castle a miss. We just hang out in the hotel while waiting for our ferry ride.

We walked a little while and hang out by a bar in Ardrossan Harbour while waiting for the train to Glasgow. In Glasgow, we ,again, walked around and had our dinner in an Irish Pub. We had a few missed and hiccups going back to Edinburgh but still we were able to get back safely and on time.

I started packing for my flight the next day.

Day 5:

Sad. Last half day. He sent me to the airport and had out final brunch for the trip.

Til next time, UK.

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