A short hello to London

25 – 28 June 2016

Day 1:

My first time to get out of Heathrow Airport. I transferred from that airport before but I didn’t have the chance to get out and explore the famous city.

First task was to get my Oyster card which was relatively easy at the airport. Using the Underground to travel and tour around was very convenient too because the entire city was heavily connected by it. It may turn a little confusing but still, it’s fun to get lost a little bit when traveling.

I had to meet a friend later that day. We booked a hotel near the Notting Hill, The New Linden Hotel. It was a little bit far from the city because, as known, hotels by the center costs a lot more. I managed to find the place. Check-in at the hotel would be at 2pm, I came early, hence, I left my bag and went out immediately to get breakfast from Borough Market, near the London Bridge.

After that, I went back to the hotel to meet with my friend. The last time we met was in Sri Lanka, a few months ago. We again, headed out to walk around the Kensington Gardens, which was about 10-minutes away from the hotel. From there we walked through the Kensington palace and a little bit of Hyde Park, then back at the hotel for proper check-in.

After resting for a while, we decided to get out for dinner. My friend loves dark and small alleys hence, we passed through a few of those in search for an Indian Restaurant. On our way in finding one, we saw the St. Paul’s Cathedral.


St. Paul’s Cathedral

We concluded the night with a dinner.

Day 2:

After breakfast, we headed out to actually find the New London tour at Covent Garden by Sandeman. We got lost and too late, hence, we just decided to walk through the alleys of the area again, to go to the British Museum. Before we went for it, we hang out a little bit in a coffee shop near it.

The Museum was big. A lot of people on a Sunday. Then we went on a walking spree along Thames River. It was populous. There were plenty of visitors, performances, vendors etc. The crowd killed the romantic atmosphere of the river, I have to say. Nonetheless, it’s still enjoyable.

Skate Boarding along Thames River

We decided to go home but passed through an old garden to play like children for a while. My friend wanted to rest while I had to find a church for my Sunday service.

Reached the hotel and near the hotel was St. Mary of the Angels Church. I went there for a good one hour, then met him again for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant near the area.


Day 3:

My introverted self needed some time for self-discovery, hence, we decided that we would go our own ways for the day. I traced back out Kensington Garden walk for a while to kill time before I searched for the historical tour that we have missed the day before. Successfully found them.

We walked along the old town, Trafalgar Square and learned about the story of their Sir Nelson in front of the tall Nelson’s Monument and the funny story of the lions surrounding the structure. We walked to different palaces and monuments like the Buckingham Palace, and one small palace, I forgot how it’s called but from there, we have witnessed the Horse Guards and the band.

Horse Guards at a London Palace 1

Horse Guards at a London Palace 2

We also passed by St. Jame’s Garden, Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminster, Big Ben (name of the Bell inside, not the structure)..etc. Then I decided to walk back to Covent Garden and then trained home.

My friend and I met at the hotel, rested a bit then had a final Chinese dinner at a Restaurant near the area.

Flight to Edinburgh was scheduled the next day.

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2 Responses to A short hello to London

  1. TinzRant says:

    Glad you came to visit London and got to see some great sights

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