Butterfly and stars

The butterfly looked up. So many of them, he thought.

“Are they watching over me?”
“Are they saying hello?”
“If I fly harder, will I finally touch them?”

He asked himself continuously.

“They seem so near but every time I try to reach them, exhaustion overtakes. I see them every night. They are my friends. No, I think, I love them. Do they know that?”

“I want them beside me. I want to tell them. I tried to shout at the top of my lungs last night, it seems that they didn’t hear me. I lost my voice. I cried like mad. Will my tears evaporate to heaven and reach them? Will they know?”

Up there, there’s this one star who’s watching the butterfly religiously. This particular butterfly caught her attention despite seeing so many every day. She taught, he has a heart. He knows how to try.

“I want to let gravity take over because I want to touch him.” She told herself.

The constellation, her family, like her mind, negate her strong urge to jump. If she does, she’ll lose everything especially he might have a tendency to just eventually fly away from her.

Tendencies? She wanders. It may or may not happen.

If she jumps and crashes on earth, there’s no turning back, no other choices. She knows that she will love the butterfly for a very very long time, yet will lose her self completely.

“This is suicide.” She whispered to the vast space.

The impeccable connection between the butterfly and the star is so strong that even without words, they can feel each others embrace and hear each others “I love yous”.

Are they misunderstanding each other or are the signals correct? Nonsensical friendship and love beyond universal explanation. It can only be construed by the two of them.

She can’t take it anymore. Every night she sees this persistent butterfly crying out loud. She can hear him. One night, she decided to dive. The butterfly saw a shooting star.

“Finally, he taught.”

He enthusiastically waited for this beauty to reach the ground.  She excitedly dived faster, exerting every effort she has to swiftly reach him. She crashed down to the ground, exploded and burned.

The butterfly flew close to her site. He flew around her for a few minutes. She wanted to tell him, that it’s her, the one he’s calling for every night but she didn’t have enough strength to say anything. Before she passed out, the butterfly flew away and joined the kaleidoscope. They flew away together, as usual.

After a night of merry-making, the butterfly then looks up the sky again and did the same exact thing he did last night….

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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