Marina Run 2016 (21km)

20 Feb 2016

I gave myself an hour to take the MRT and shuttle for the run yesterday. I arrived about 5minutes before the run, a bit late because I was still planning to deposit my bag. I was shocked to see the queue for baggage deposit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it on time and this feeling would somehow affect me negatively. I started 20minutes after the flag-off.DSC_1989

I was a little disappointed with myself for going out of the house later than initially planned. Twenty minutes late would mean, I had to catch up a lot to run side by side with a bigger group. It was after about 5km, I started to pass through a bit of crowd. So I told myself, at least I wouldn’t be the last one.

I ran the whole route steadily. At 20km, while running, there was a burst of fireworks that covered the otherwise dark sky. I was running under this view. My first time to do so and it was magical. I was running with my smile reaching from one ear to another.

Then out of nowhere, police officers halted my very eager and steady pace. They instructed us to stop for about 5minutes because another set of firework display would commence. For someone running consistently at a pace, it was kind of painful to suddenly stop, but we didn’t have a choice. I was just planning to watch the fireworks while consistently running (really, running under the fireworks was a great experience) but since they made us stop, might as well document it, and enjoy it anyway.


Chingay Fireworks Display

I had a time in mind, a goal which unfortunately didn’t happen because of the mishaps. Anyway, I’ve been running races for a few years already and never have I had the opportunity to run under such a beautiful display until yesterday. Fireworks experience was the main highlight of the event! Loved it!


marina run 2016a

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