Why I like staying in hostels and dormitories?

  1. Cheaper. I need not to explain more. It’s more than 50% cheaper than staying in a hotel and/or one person bedroom.
  2. Free show. Sometimes, when you are lucky, you’ll get to see stuff you do not usually see on a regular basis.LOL Just like during our trip to Norway, one guy just suddenly stripped off until his boxers. Lied down on his tummy, flexed his arms a little bit and started reading his book. Our beds were just beside his. We were giggling all the way. OMG!
  3. Great Converstations: Usually, people who stay in these form of accommodations are not afraid to open up. Some are maybe introspective and loner (just like yours truly) but we are not too scared to talk to strangers. While preparing meals in the kitchen, packing our bags in the room, reading up about our itinerary, people here will strike a conversations and I usually will end up practicing my almost nonexistent social skills.
  4. Free food and souvenirs from all over the world. Yes. When they cook, they’d invite us to try. When I prepare meals, I’d invite them too. I also got a new bookmark (with a poem on it) from Korea.DSC_1857
  5. Share rides. Yes, not only shared rooms. Traveling alone can sometimes be expensive especially if public transport isn’t available in one place. People staying in these kind of accommodations are willing to share rides and costs. The more people, the better because it’ll be cheaper for everyone.
  6. No judgements. Rich or poor, in these accommodations, we are equal. We are all in search for cheaper options to travel. Unlike in hotels, people will tend to just look and size one up depending on which kind of suite or basic room one is having.
  7. Open mindedness. I think, having stayed in accommodations like these will help one practice being more open and accepting, about differences, about sudden changes, about sudden noises at night, about stripping guys, about raudy teenagers..about so many things! It’s amazing!
  8. You might find your One True Love. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I heard of some great stories about people meeting in such places.

Try it! You might enjoy it!=)

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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