Christmas in Singapore (Ma and Pa)

18 to 26 Dec 2015

It’s my parents’ third time in Singapore and obviously, they’ve already been to some of the major attractions here. So, I wanted a more relaxed holiday for them this Christmas season.

Day 1: 18 Dec 2015

They visited my workplace. I went on a half day leave so I could be with them in the afternoon. We went for lunch at Novena Square, then they accompanied me for a haircut in Toa Payoh. After a 5minute haircut, we went for a little Christmas shopping at Orchard Road. Dinner was at Baja Fresh.

Day 2: 19 Dec 2015

We went out a little late. First destination was St. Lourdes Church at Ophir road for the anticipated mass. We then, headed at Makansutra for dinner and stayed but at Esplanade Outdoor Stage to watch Gypsyfication. We also walked along the Jubilee Bridge towards the Merlion before we ended the night.


Day 3: 20 Dec 2015

We again started kind of late. I wanted a relaxed weekend that’s why. We just went to East Coast Park to cycle. That was it. We had dinner at home.


Day 4: 21 Dec 2015

They wanted to see how it is like to travel to Indonesia,so, I got them to experience a day of shopping tour in Batam. I got the package from Ensogo ($28 + 20/pax terminal fee+ $2/pax tip +65,000IDR/pax term fee) .

We headed to Harbourfront Center to take the 8:20 am ferry to the said island. The tour company picked us up from the terminal and lead us to Batam’s famous shopping spots. My favorite was of course, when they brought us to the Kueh Lapis shop, the Kerupuk Shop, our lunch place and the massage place. Other than that, I found the shops uninteresting. We took the 6:20pm ferry back to Singapore.


Day 5: 22 Dec 2015

River Safari day. It was also my first time to visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia. I have to say that Singapore is really doing a great job maintaining zoos like this. Even the fishes all looked so healthy!


Day 6: 23 Dec 2015

St John’s and Kusu Island day! It was also my first time to visit these south of Singapore Islands. We took the ferry from Marina South Pier ($18). The ticket includes our ferry ride to these 2 islands and the islands entrance fee. First stop was St. John’s then Kusu.

I would definitely be going back but would start really early to maximise the tickets. Downside of going on a weekday was that there were limited ferry schedules (there are more during weekends) but the good thing was, there were less people in the islands.


Day 7: 24 Dec 2015

I went to work in the morning and in the afternoon, I, together with my mom and dad, once again walked along Orchard Road.

Day 8:25 Dec 2015

We just went out to attend the mass at Church of the Sacred Heart, then prepared and partied the whole afternoon and night.


Day 9: 26 Dec 2015

My parent’s last day in Singapore. We went out late just to go to Orchard Road and for them to help me buy a luggage. We also went for an anticipated mass at St. Lourdes. Time flies! I wish they could stay longer!



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