A wedding and a tour of Iloilo City

26-29 November 2015

I’ve never been to Iloilo, so when my friend, K, informed us that she would be having her wedding there, I immediately confirmed my attendance. I was given the honour to be one of her bride’s maids, anyway. How could I say no?

I decided to bring my parents along so that they can also travel a little with me. Days gone by quickly. My friends, parents and I flew to Iloilo. Upon arriving, we all took one van to our respective hotels. There were 6 of us, and we paid P500.00. We were staying in Riverside Inn while my friends booked in Sarabia Manor Hotel, the bridal hotel.

My parents and I had lunch at Seafood by Emilio’s, a restaurant near our hotel. Food was actually quite good. Then, we met with friends to watch a movie (A second Chance starring my Lloydie) at SM mall. After almost 2hrs of sobbing quietly, we came out of the cinema ,all with swollen eyes. We then, headed down to the famous Tatoy’s Manokan which serves fresh seafood and other Filipino dishes for dinner. It was good and affordable.

That concluded our night. We had to wake up early to prepare for the wedding the next day.

Wedding day came. It was held at the University of San Agustin Chapel. We all came dolled up. The reception was held at Sarabia Manor Hotel’s function room. Yep, something interesting happened during the wedding day and I’m gonna share about it when the right time comes…If there will be a right time.;)


I thought it would be nice to explore Iloilo a little bit more so, I decided to stay for another day and go to the place’s famous churches. First stop was

Miag ao Church

then further out to San Joaquin Church

Youtube: San Joaquin Church

Camposanto de San Joaquin


Taytay Boni


Villa Church


Molo Church

Jaro Cathedral

Youtube: Jaro Cathedral

and Saint Joseph’s Church, where we attended an anticipated mass.


Miag ao Church was my favourite…


A lot of religious places in one day and I’ve witnessed a few weddings too. Is that a sign? Haha I can only wish!

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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