Ground Zero: Run for Humanity 2015 (10km)

10 October 2015

Due to intolerable PSI in Singapore, I haven’t been running outdoors for almost a month already. I failed to join the Yellow Ribbon Run three weeks ago for the same reason. I did practice indoors though. But running in airconditioned room, on a treadmill is always different from the humid outdoors. It is more intense!

Good thing, a while ago was a little better. PSI was below 100, hence the run proceeded as planned. I thought I would finally beat my 58minutes record for a 10Km, but I failed to do so. I was short of about five minutes. I think, I completed it at 1hour and 1 or 2 miuntes. The best thing about this run was that I didn’t follow any pacers. Without the element of push, pressure and force, I managed to accomplish my task.

After the run, they had booths and fun games that gave away quite usueful prices. I managed to win an umbrella,a duffle bag and a cap. I also entered a sample relief operation tent and inside, there was a guy sharing his experience during the most recent Nepal Earthquake…That earthquake. I was reminded of the experience again… I wished and still wishing that I should have done more! =(


Stuff from the run


Anyway, since it was a small event, the run was intimate, I have to say. Not many entitlements but it was for the benefit of my country (Philippines) and many other Asian countries that are close to my heart. Hence, I enjoyed it. I will run it again. Thanks organizers.


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