Day 6: Relaxing day at Thermea

22 Jul 2015

Today’s activity was even more relaxing as we went for a day of spa treatment at Thermea, a nordic kind of spa (hot-cold).  According to them, for us to experience the ideal result, we had to go for hot treatment (sauna) cold treatment then relaxation treatment three times. Initially, when they informed us about this activity, I thought to myself “how could that possibly last one full day?”. But then, when we started following the programme, I felt like a day was not enough. I could actually live there! haha I enjoyed the hot treatment so much and the scrub. It was indeed an experience I would definitely do again. Imagine, 5hours without any electronic devices. It was just me, my friends and the elements surrounding us. 


After the treatment, we headed back to Ate Joy’s hub for a farewell barbeque dinner for Hubert. As always, eating and binging bonded us closer together. Steph, baked a cake for me. She did 3x. Banana chocolate cake to welcome me, espresso chocolate muffins for the picnic and nutella wallnut cake for the barbeque. She kept up all her promises.haha She turned into a pro-baker in Canada.

11221412_10153445565102177_5211194535457325079_n DSC_0618 DSC_0623

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