Winner in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Traveling to Winnipeg to Day 1:

16-17 Jul 2015

I only decided to go to Winnipeg to attend Ate Shey and Chris’ wedding and to visit my friends. It was my first time flying to that part of the world. It was also my first time to take China Eastern AIrlines. So, this would be my longest flight ever flown my whole life with the bum-burning route, Singapore-Shanghai-Vancouver-Winnipeg.

Going there, Flight Central gave me a complementary hotel accommodation at Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel for my overnight lay-over in Vancouver. Coming back to Singapore, there was none.

My night’s stay in Vancouver was uneventful. There wasn’t much to see around the airport. That night, even the Richmond Night Market was closed for some reason and that was the only place I planned to see for the night. The next day was my flight to Winnipeg. I was excited. However, from the plane, I could see Vancouver. It was breath-taking. Mountains and bodies of water alike were surrounding the city. I somehow wished that I could stay there longer.

Plane ride went smoothly. The sky was clear, hence, I was able to vividly see the transition from mountainous Vancouver moving towards the humongous flat land-fields of Winnipeg. I was like, Oh my God! I’ve seen huge farm lands before from the plane but not as massive as this.


Anyway, as I went towards baggage collection aea, I saw ate Shey waiving. She didn’t change at all. She was with Paula. Ate Shey could now drive, using her own car and living in her own flat. It was amazing how much she has attained in a span on five years of staying in Canada. Same story goes for almost all of my friends there.

Anyway, our first stop was their famous Tim Hortons for brunch and Dollarama, where you can buy everything for a cheaper price, including souvenier items like my magnets.

She brought me to ate Joy’s place while passing time. I would be staying with Steph for 3nights. So, while waiting for steph, we picked up as Shey’s flowers at CostCo, another ‘place to be’ if you are looking for good bargains. But this shop requires membership. Then, we had to pick Hubert up at the airport.

We all then had dinner at Burger Market where I tried their slider burgers and their unique fries with gravy and poutine. We all then parted our ways. I went home with Steph and Joel.

Welcome Dinner

From day one, I realized how much i missed these people. hay

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