Chilling at Gili Island, Lombok, Indonesia

DAY 6: Yes, death was inevitable, says my water-proof TG-1 camera.

4 Jun 2015

I tried snorkeling and thanks to ZI, I didn’t die. Unfortunately, my camera did. Zi patiently guided me on how to relax in deep waters and after a few attempts, I successfully did it on my own, making use of my limited swimming skills which mainly comprised of proper breaststroke in training pools. Hays I felt achieved as if I summitted a mountain again. This time I summitted and conquered my fear of deep waters. And I wouldn’t have done it without Zi’s help. TY

last shot of my now, deceased camera..

last shot of my now, deceased camera..

Feeling proud of my accomplishment, I decided to reward myself with an hour of massage. Ahhh, it felt so good!

Day 7: The ability to do nothing is something I had to learn in Gili.

5 Jun 2015

The ability to relax and chill as well. Since we all got nothing else to do, we decided to walk around the island from sunrise until lunch time. Then, had another round of massage then another walk along the beach then another meal. Haha. That was THE LIFE!!!!!


Day 8: Bye Gili Island

6 Jun 2015

We took the boat back to main island of Lombok after breakfast. Plan for today was to tour around the main island.

First stop was a monkey viewing place where we were given a chance to experience feeding these mammals. After a few minutes, we headed off to a souvenir place but instead of me shopping for souvenir items, I decided to go to a close-by shopping mall and bought some biscuits introduced to us initially by our guides on the trail. I love them so much that I decided to hoard a lot for gifts when I get back home.

After this, we went for lunch and tried on Lombok’s famous chicken, Taliwang. I didn’t know if it’s an immature chicken or it was the breed but it was really small and it tasted really yummy. I also had a local dessert, but I forgot how it’s called now.


The dessert I was telling you about..


Ayam Taliwang

We were brought to three beaches after this, Selong Belanak, Mawun and Kuta Beach. All beautiful in it’s own way. At Selong Belanak, we had a chance to eat another sweet whole pineapple. We, in this part of the world are used to eating sliced pineapples, while in Lombok, eating pineapple as a whole is more common. We also had the chance to jam and sing with the locals while waiting for our pineapples to be peeled.


Selong Belanak

Sadly, this holiday came to an end. Tomorrow, we would be flying back to reality….


While we were in Gili, we heard about the G.Kinabalu and earthquake and the deaths that it caused. I am sending my condolences to the families who may have lost their kids and loved ones in this ordeal. It was a sad news….

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