Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2015

From Nepal, I haven’t had proper work-out for three weeks and three weeks without structured workout is quite long for me. I prayed hard that I could somehow make it through. That was all.

I used public transport to go to the event but failed to look up properly on the exact location of the shuttle bus to the event. So I looked up and down at Woodland Station, then finally, I managed to find it at almost 7:30pm, the flag off time. As expected, I came late for the run. They were almost closing the pen for 18km when I arrived.

Just like 2years ago, the route consisted of graveled, muddy and a lot of killer up and down slopes (upslopes mostly concentrated at the last few Kms). For the first time, my inner thighs hurt. When people tell me about hurting inner thighs after or during a race or a climb, I always wondered ‘why inner thighs?’. My experience yesterday made me realize how painful it was and most probably due to lack of proper stretching for the past 3 weeks plus on the event itself (no time). Good thing, the trail condition varied a lot hence, different muscles of my legs were activated at different times. So, my entire legs, thighs, ankle, forefeet were alternately hurting from 15km onwards.

There was a part of the race that required us to use ropes (maybe about 70degrees inclined). I was by the way, worried about inclined trails too because I wasn’t wearing proper trail, not even a proper running shoes. My shoes for trail and road running concurrently gave up on me. I was just using my slippery indoor training shoes. Anyway, I made it through!

I pushed so hard because I knew there would be plenty of food after the race, just like 2 years ago.

As expected, there were bananas, ice cream…but uhhmm, Nasi lemak , mee goreng and sandwich too??? I was like, THANK YOU ENERGIZER!!! haha



Over all, I’ve got to say that the price I paid for the race was well worth-it. Free torchlighht, shirt, food etc. The trails were challenging enough and the volunteers all through out the route were helpful. Unfortunately, I still got a little confused on the distance markers, so I didn’t look at them much. I just followed the crowd haha, but that was a minor thing. It didn’t spoil my run. I would still support Energizer trail run next year, provided I am here in Singapore on the event date. Thank you Energizer Night Trail Run. It was a good event!

By the way, congrats to the Men’s 18km winner. He is from Nepal…=))



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