Day 2: Up up and away, Our Lantau Island HK expedition

19 Feb 2015

I’ve read that Lantau island has amazing trails as well, but going there with my parents, I didn’t think trailing was even an option. So, hoping not to queue for a long time anymore, I got our cable car tickets from 7-11 in advance. When we reached Tung Chung MTR station and walked towards the cable car office, I got a shock when we all still had to queue for about 1.5hrs to get in. I almost had a fight with someone for cutting queue. It wasn’t really a big deal to me, but I thought I should start practicing to stand up for my rights and all the others who were honestly having a deadly time queuing up, like those elderly. They were a couple; Chinese-looking and a white guy. I thought maybe, because they know that most tourists there won’t be able to speak English, nobody would reprimand them. Unfortunately for them, there was a fierce woman who wanted to practice her warring skills. Haha

We took the cable car to Ngong Ping Village. I was drooling to see the trails from up there. I wanted to walk through them. Anyway, I may not have been able to walk the trails but I have to admit that, view of the waters and mountains from up there was an equally rewarding experience. Especially, seeing my parents smile in awe was the best!

We reached Ngong Ping Village and as expected, the place was overflowing with tourists. We immediately walked to the Tian Tan Buddha (the Big Buddha). My parents were already complaining because they had to endure 200+ steps to climb up the Buddha. Knowing them, they would push and still do it, despite exhaustion and they did it!


We then headed down, rested while watching shows included in our $245 tickets. As we were watching the 4D show showcasing what can be seen in Lantau Island, I saw and got memsmerised by the Wisdom path and Tai O village, hence I told my parents that we had to go to those places.

Checked the map, and we walked to the Wisdom Path. It was about 30minute walk from Ngong Ping Village. (I had my parents with me, so it took a little longer). It’s along the trail heading to Lantau Peak too, hence, seeing the markers and the trail itself heading there made me salivate so much. I said to myself, ‘I will go back and run these trails next time., for now, I will enjoy these sights with my parents.’


After walking around the Wisdom Path we went back down to Ngong Ping Village to take the bus to the quiant little fishing village called Tai O. In the village, we walked along the small alleys and pavements, observing how people from this part of the country celebrate CNY. The spirit of family togetherness was still very apparent. It was touching.


Instead of heading back to Tung Chung by our pre-purchased cable car ticket, we decided just to take the bus. We thought it would be faster that way. Unfortunately, it also took about 45minutes. We headed back to our accommodation in Mong Kok, rested a while and after a few minutes, got out of the place again to witness the CNY parade. We didn’t realy stay long coz we couldn’t really see much. It was overly crowded. We the decided to go for dinner and window shopping at Mong kok area.

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