Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (42km) 7 Dec 2014

I know, every after races, I have said many times before…I will never ever run a marathon (or in an event) again..but there I was again, completing my third marathon, trying on my luck on achieving a better timing.

I started a little concerned because during our last health screening, my BP was higher than usual. I was worried because I didn’t wanna become a casualty during the run. I was sweating profusely while the run has yet to begin. Anyway, event started off at 5am. I started to run at 5:30am.

As the sun rose high, the heat turned unbearable (only to find out that it’ll rain heavily in the afternoon). My sufferings were even made double or triple even because of the painful rays of the sun. Also, I tried not to use any cream and muscle gels because I wanted to be able to feel my body accurately and to know when to stop, if I needed to.

I ran until I saw the 6hrs pacers. I was so happy because I’ve never finished sub 6hours before. I hoped, prayed and worked hard to sustain, hence, I was ahead of them for maybe 10-15mins until 38km. From 38km, tired and exhausted, they bid me a sweet goodbye already. So sad. Anyway, I still finished with a nett time of exactly 6hrs. Still so much better than my first 2 marathons.

Now, I am trying to endure my post marathon problem: SUNBURN! I find mine kind of sexy though. Haha


Anyway, as always, event was well-organised. Markers and water points were evently distributed along the route. Last year, there were more items though, like bananas and gels. Over-all it was great, and yeah..I will again, think about joining a marathon…we’ll see!!


About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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