Love at first sight! Fan Again!

When I was younger, I was into Keanu Reeves, Josh Hartnett, Lance Bass, Mike Shinoda, Vince Hizon and Scott Moffat. Yes, I was a fan. As I mature, time and space didn’t anymore permit me to collect newspaper clippings, albums, and memorabilia about them and then, my admiration to these people gradually just cooled off (except for Keanu Reeves). I grew up and became numb when I see them anywhere. Haha

At my age, I miss being a fan. I have a friend who’s a huge fan of Gary Barlow and she seems so inspired by him. She’s excited talking about him, she knows everything about him and she’s just happy living in her fantasy world as his ex-wife.haha

I missed having a celebrity crush! I wanted to be a fan of someone again. But despite my thirst and longing, I just didn’t find an actor or a sports person who’s worthy of my time and my admiration….until I saw the trailer of the movie “Addicted”.I saw this person and I was like…”who is he?”. My mouth, widely opened, my eyes were huge as the moon and my heart (and underwear) dropped! He was so gorgeous and I seldom describe guys as HOT but that’s the most accurate adjective to describe him.

Now, I couldn’t stop researching about him. I followed him in Twitter, I joined his world-wide fan club…I don’t know how long this crush and admiration will last, but I feel good getting to know someone, despite knowing that he will never ever be mine..haha

Love at first sight with William Levy!

Not my own pic..sorry but I forgot where it's from..=(

Not my own pic..sorry but I forgot where it’s from..=(

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