Finally, with friends and giggle-mates in Vienna , Austria

23-24 Oct 2014

I excitedly took the early morning bus to Wien because that day, I would be meeting up with my friends from Singapore who were travelling to Europe as well. We would be exploring the city together. It was just a sweet 1hr 30mins ride.

I bought the 24hr transporation card and set off to the city by tram. I immediately went to my hostel, Westend Hostel. The receptionist introduced himself, shook my hand and said “Your hand is cold, here’s a coupon, go downstairs and have coffee and breakfast.” I didn’t even booked my accomodation with breakfast. Hmm…so, free breakkie, why not? Haha I headed downstairs and had a nice and warm cup of coffee.

I immediately headed to my mates’ hostel and we started off from there. We walked towards the Schonbrunn Palace. It was still raining heavily and was darn cold. So we all agreed upon the idea that we should just go around the palace garden the next day.

For that day, we decided just to meet up with Rickie’s friend first, who would supposedly, give us a tour of the center. But before anything else, first, he deliberately guided us to the nearest place that sells rice.haha We missed it, ok? Then, he brought us to parks, (more) churches, and Demel Cafe, where we had their well-known torte and hot choco drink.


After the wonderful cake and drink treat, Joyce,,Mitchie and myself went to watch one opera entitled “Ariadne” for Eu4.00,


Synopsis from Wiki:

I loved what Zerbinetta  said “: when a new love arrives, one has no choice but to yield”.

After the opera, we met up with Ricky and his friend again to have our dinner. We went to our respective hostels after that.

The next day, as planned we headed back to the Schonbrunn Palace and walked around the palace gardens. The weather was still against us though, for the cold wind piercing any exposed skin part. Despite this painful weather, everyone still elected not to go into the palace anymore because, tickets were extremely expensive for us, mere poor people.


My three friends, after the walk, went for a little shopping spree because, unfortunately, they weren’t equipped with enough cold wear. I got myself 2 cute stripe socks also. Lunch time arrived and we all went for a Chinese food buffet in a box.

I, then, sent my friends to the train station. I still wanted to go around a sight-see but my time was also limited, hence I only managed to visit places we’ve already visited the night before. View was different, though because master sun was out.

My train ride back to Innsbruck was at 4:30pm.

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