Munich, Germany’s old town and a concentration camp

19-20 Oct

My bus ride from Salzburg to Muchen was 7am and hey, it was still very dark. I was alone at the stop waiting for the bus for about 20mins. I came very early because I though, I had to be there early. Unfortunately, the bus would only come, 15minutes before the departure time.

It was just an approximately 2hrs bus ride. Upon arrival, I again used my Mapswithme to walk from the bus station to the hostel, Meininger Munich City Center Hostel. I didn’t plan anything for Munich. So, when I overheard people talking about the Sandeman free walking city tour, I decided to join in. Guide’s name was Virginia. She was quite passionate about what she was doing. She toured us around and discussed about the pre and post war and Nazis Period.

After the city tour, I headed up to the St Peter’s Church tower to view the city from the top. I walked around the old town again and entered a LOT of churches then, I once again attended a German mass at Frauenkirche because it was Sunday.


The next day, I initially planned to go to the Neuschwanstein Castle, which has gained it’s prominence from apprearing in some movies and it was an inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, but I changed my mind. I thought, I had already visited a number of castles and more to come in the near future hence, I shifted from beauty and madness to sorry and sadness as I decided to visit Dachau Concentration camp by myself. I went on a train ride from HBF to KZ Dachau-concentration camp then bus 762 to the exact location.

It wasn’t really as bad as I expected it to be because the place was heavily renovated and the camp’s tour guide (EU3.00 for the guide, free entrance w/o the guide) mentioned that it was actually a working camp and not an extermination camp. It made the place less heavy to take.


Anyway, I was there most part of the day. I then, went back to the hostel to collect my bag for I was heading to Prague in the afternoon.

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2 Responses to Munich, Germany’s old town and a concentration camp

  1. andreaata13 says:

    Planning a trip to Munich in December and am definitely going to check out Sandeman’s Tour! Though I’ll probably still end up going to tour the castle (I’m a sucker for all things “royal” related)

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