A Stormy half a day In Bratislava, Slovakia

22 Oct 2014

I took train from Prague to Bratislava. It was approximately 5hrs train ride which made me arrive in Bratislava during lunch time. May I just mention that the guy seated beside me in the train was cute and a real gentleman. Because of that I didn’t sleep, only to find out, half-way the trip that he was possibly married because he had a ring. Anyway, my admiration was curtailed not because of the ring, but because he had to alight earlier at Brno Station while I still had a few more stations to endure.

As soon as I arrived, I looked for the tourist information office and purchased my bus ticket to the city center because my accomodation for the night, the Patio Hostel, was situated there. The hostel was difficult to find but I’ve forgiven them for that already because the reception guy was a real cutie.

It was already raining heavily while the wind was blowing angrily. I headed out despite the rain and walked towards the historical center or their old town. As usual, there was a buffet of churches and I went in almost all of them because honestly, I needed some good warmth from the Lord. I was freezing to death everytime, I’d walk outside. But, I still forced myself.

I walked along Danube River ,towards the Bratislava Castle and walked across the Bridge with UFO-looking design. Then as I was walking home, I entered one more church and again, suddenly, the mass started, this time, in Slovak language. My fourth mass during this trip.


Since I didn’t see much of Bratislava, I decided to at least try on their local food in a reputable restaurant which the receptionist recommended. I headed up there, but hay..It was full! I couldn’t find a seat, hence, I just went home, wet, hungry and angry. Good thing, I had one bar of Snickers in my bag. I retired for the night.

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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