A typhoon and my stormy head on my birth week

I went back home just to celebrate my birthday with my beloved family. Unfortunately, someone wanted to celebrate and party with us. He almost rocked our house, literally. He was a super typhoon, locally known as Mario.

He made us stay in the house for two days , like we were having some form of hang-over.

Due to the abundance of alone time, I was able to give myself a chance to introspect and think about what has been happening with my life (and of course, practice pole). Anyway, it was my birth week and to examine myself was a gift I love giving myself….always…

Incidents that are beyond my control have been happening recently and these were leaving me frustrated and unable to function well. The job I was waiting for was still pending. My External hard drive with all my photos and documents since 2008 died on me, I feel extremely lonely for some reasons I can’t figure out etc etc

 So, during my birth week, I was just thinking about all these while Mario tried its best to destroy my home. I went through discerment and decided based on that.

 One major thing I have decided upon was; I didn’t anymore want the job I applied for and just decided to do things differently in my current post….

Anyway, after Mario, I only had a day left to go out with my family and luckily that was my exact day of birth. So, we just went to the mall, shopped, ate together and went back home to share a humble meal…together. I then packed my things for the next day’s flight.

 My greatest gift has always been my family and I am always grateful because I was born and raised inside a home like ours…

 Another year has passed…more to go! Despite life’s atrocities, I still love my life!

Bambi and my cake!

Bambi and my cake!

A little pole intermediate free-styling sample! haha

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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