Prize of civilization (my thoughts, feelings and questions) Pt 1

Should one wash his hair using lake water? Centuries ago, it was acceptable and nobody really cared about it anyway. They needed just the basic and essential.They just wanted to survive. Nowadays, washing your hair would mean, you’d need shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer and of course, clean water, preferably not from the lake. Life has become more demanding.

When one commits a crime, steal something, kill someone, or rape someone, he or she should be in jail, spending the rest of his or her life rotting in there. Why is curtailing someone’s freedom acceptable? Why is death penalty tolerated? Why is it that the “law” allows “authorities” to do so when it is a crime in everyday setting? What is wrong and what is right? Life has become black and white ,when in fact, there’s so much colors in between it.

We worship different Gods. Why do you think your’s is greater than mine? Why do people force their beliefs on other people? Why do some kill to extinguish people of another religion? Why does some feel their God is the greatest? Everything in our head is created, inculcated and flourished by our society who by the way, is also human. I love my God, you love your God, can we just love one another too?

I want to talk to YOU but you are so far away. I am here, just right in front of you, you are in space, I mean ,cyberspace. We are creating a pseudo-space where acceptance and love can be pseudo-felt by the number of likes and comments from our cyber-friends. It brings people from far-away closer to us, yet it brings people just right in front of us NOW, so distant. Is that good?

I am dying, I am sick. The hospital won’t treat me, unless I have MONEY. I do understand the need of MONEY now at the same time, I am also visualizing how it would be if we, until now, are using barter trade. I think we will become less ambitious, less greedy and more equal. To have money is great in today’s context but, should we spend the rest of our lives just chasing to have more of it?

I shall continue with my musing next time.


About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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