Yangon, Myanmar, my 1-week journey begins here

26 Jul 2014

After all the airline accidents and tragedies happening recently, I was afraid to take the plane. But as soon as I boarded the aircraft and realised that my rowmate was a good-looking guy, my stress mellowed down. Too bad that we were separated by an empty seat. Would have been better if we could somehow sit closer.haha

I arrived at Yangon International Airport, small but neat airport and took the cab for 10USD or 10kyats to Alfa Hotel (same price for any hotels in the city area for that matter). I’ve initially booked my hotel near the Chinatown area, Agga Hostel, but my friend Y, decided to get me a better hotel (with ulterior motives haha), ergo, there I was, staying in nice room with the view of Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The pagoda looked nearby…..and you know what I love to do when my destination is viewable from where I am….

So, at 9pm, amidst the heavy downpour, I was walking alone along the long Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road and nope, it wasn’t near. I reached the Pagoda hoping to get good night shots of the landmark but, I couln’t do that because of the heavy rain. So I just decided to go back home by cab and have my dinner in restaurant near my hotel.

Shwe Dagon Pagoda


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