Day 8: Phuket Tour

2 Aug 2014

I saw the same female motorbike taxi driver who sent me to the studio on my first day and I made use of her service once again. Today, Jen thought me a lot of interesting stuff like handstand with twisted grip, more of extended butterfly, shoulder mount and dismount and 30minutes of aerial hoop.

It was my first time to try aerial hoop and I enjoyed it greatly. I realised that the pain from hoop was even for both my right and left side and it was more pain-eliciting than pole. After 2hrs, I bid Jen goodbye and thanked her for sharing her knowledge with me and for being patient too.

aerial hoop

I had lunch and headed back to my room to rest for a while. After abut 30minutes, I came and hang out at the reception and had a little chat with the owner of the hotel. He was a friendly man with a lot of stories to tell.

After knowing that I was single, he actually tried to fix me up with his friend. Saying that they would have dinner later that night, I should come along and his friend would send me to the airport the next day, hence there won’t be any need for me to pay 600Baht for the taxi. I politely refused the offer by saying “I am a shy girl and I don’t really mind paying 600Baht for my taxi ride tomorrow” I gave him my payment of 600Baht, thanked and shook his hand because I enjoyed staying in his hotel.

By then, I’ve already made up my mind that I would be going to the Big Buddha and if time and driver would permit, I would want to see sunset from the tip of Phuket, Phromtep Cape.

I went out and lo and behold, the same female motorbike driver was there again. I asked her to bring me to the Big Buddha and back to the hotel, she agreed for a price of 500Baht, cheaper than when I rent a car to go there which would cost me 1,200Baht for two ways.

We went up to the huge Buddha structure and after going around it, I tried my luck and ask her, where I could find the best sunset in Phuket, and from there, she offered me another package, BigBuddha – Rawai Beach-Phromthep Cape- Chalong temple-Patong weekend Night Market for 800Baht. Of course I agreed. That was another blessing because I knew the price would be more expensive than that if it were another driver. I knew because I inquired from 3 other drivers earlier on.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha

Sunset at Phromthep Cape

Sunset at Phromthep Cape

***If I knew how to ride a motorbike, it would have been cheaper (200Baht a day to rent out), but never mind, that was the best I could get that time.

Chalong Temple was closed already when we passed by because I spent a long time waiting for sunset. Anyway, at the weekend Night Market, I had my dinner. I tried those street food that looked interesting for me.

After eating away, she brought me back to my hotel while I decided to get another Thai Massage, and a reward of another set of street food and Magnum to conclude my beach-less Phuket Holiday. haha

I was flying off the next day.

My week of holiday was over. I would still definitely go back to Phuket, next time would be with friends because the beach and island hopping would definitely be more enjoyable with friends.

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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