Day 7: Trekking and trail blazing with Glenn

1 Aug 2014

As mentioned earlier, I am not a beach person. I chose Phuket because of its pole school. So a few weeks before my trip, I thought, to get to know the place a little bit more better without spending much time on its beaches, I decided to Google Phuket’s highest peak. This Blog came out,, and an article,

I messaged and asked for recommendations if I wanted to go and check out Phuket’s wilderness. Surprisingly, after a few minutes later, he replied. He volunteered to tag me along FOC. OMG! From then, we made our plans through email. He was indeed a kind man.

We decided to take the Bang Pai Waterfalls trail, within a Government-maintained National Park, a Gibbon Rehabilitation Project location as well. He picked me up from my hotel at about 10:45am and drove for approximately 1.5hours to reach the waterfalls. We then started out our trek. The Bang Pai waterfalls welcomed us with all its might. It was cooling to hear and feel the waters. Apparently, we were lucky because earlier on, it rained hence, the the falls wasn’t so dry.

There were a lot of fallen trees therefore, many trails were covered and it was a bit confusing to move forward. With the help of Glenn’s Garmin GPS, we were able to find out if we were on the right track. We made use of a trail he stored into his GPS before.

As we were seated, resting for a while Glenn said, while pointing upon one huge rock by the flowing water, “that looks like a snake huh?” I said “which one? That shiny thing there?” . He then said, “its gone!” I said “ OMG. ITS A REAL SNAKE!”


It slowly moved around the rock, then the tree then sticking out its head upward, probably hunting for a meal. My hair were all standing up. Goosebumps all over my arms. Glenn was so happy to see one. Discontent with just viewing it from afar, he went closer to take more photos, while I was just zooming my camera and taking pictures. He was indeed a crazy man, just like me. He said we were lucky, “It was just his second snake encounter in the jungles of Phuket and this is the longest and biggest snake he ever saw outside a cage. Wow! It was comforting. =b I wanted to run after that Argh Not to mention, there were also forest dogs staring deep through us, but they didn’t move. They just let us pass. I never imagined Phuket’s jungle to be that “happening”. If I knew, I would have re-considered. Haha


with Mr. Glenn

Despite, these I still enjoyed the trek, as always. Moving is always fun for me. Glenn, kindly brought me back to Patong and to thank him for his kindness, I offered to treat him for a Thai dinner which he accepted. I do not know why, but God always sends me good people to inspire me. Glenn was one of them in this trip.

My back and tummy were uncomfortable. I didn’t know if its due to the 5hr trek or constipation. I still had to go for 2hrs of pole classes. I started with Jen at about 9pm. Wahhh, I couldn’t do much due to this discomfort.

She tried to teach me some spinning pole moves which I had a hard time doing as well. She tried to teach me extended butterfly, shoulder dismount and shoulder mount-crucifix-shoulder dismount. Gosh, it was PAINFUL!!!!

I couldn’t take more pain hence, I asked her if we could just do some conditioning exercises which she readily agreed upon.

After the session, I was still not finished. Since my legs weren’t as painful as my back and tummy, I still decided to walk home another 2km again passing by a different route, along Bangla Road, as everyone just couldn’t stop talking about it.

There were so many poles, omg, so many pole dancers swirling around the pole, bit only one girl could really do the kind of pole dancing I wouldn’t mind doing. She was in Tiger Bar and she’s also Jen’s student. I watched the girls from outside because I was a little intimidated to go in. The road was happening, and most are drinking, while I munch on my chocolate banana pancake. Haha


Happening Bangla Road

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